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The idea is simple!

Install ShortPoint into your site, and it will add new web design capabilities to SharePoint.

The Page Builder

Use ShortPoint to build modern and beautiful SharePoint pages without coding

ShortPoint Page Builder

The Theme Builder

Use ShortPoint to brand and customize your SharePoint sites in minutes and without editing the master page

ShortPoint Theme Builder

Copy from our demos and paste in your site

Visit our live demos website, be inspired with awesome SharePoint pages, and if you like anything just copy and paste!

ShortPoint Demos

Visit Demos WebsiteOur SharePoint Public Website Copy & Paste Magic ToolOur new web design feature

Why do our customers love ShortPoint?

Save up to 70% of time and money

Tasks that used to take days by high-tech people will take minutes for anyone

Featherweight Installation

Ultra-fast installation lets you start designing right away

No Coding or Complexity

Just one new button that’s very easy to learn and use

Responsive Design Effortless

Designed to look just fantastic on all devices, browsers and in every language.

100% Satisfaction From Day One

Our customers love ShortPoint, and we consider them family

There is ShortPoint for that

Super flexible. Everything can be done with ShortPoint.

Designed for Designers

We want Designers to focus on just being creative. This is how it should be done.

Premium Support For Everyone

We do not have a support team. You will get support from the engineers.

What they say about ShortPoint?

  • Premium Design Elements

    Tiles, Tabs, Animation, Background videos, Toggle, Accordions and many others. Work seamlessly with your SharePoint site

  • 60+
    Elements and counting

Integrate with all your data in seconds

Connect with all your SharePoint contents and present your data in any design. Create your own connections to integrate with data outside SharePoint.

ShortPoint Integrations

Future of SharePoint and ShortPoint

ShortPoint Webpart powered by the new SharePoint framework is coming soon

ShortPoint SharePoint Future

Microsoft released the first preview of the new SharePoint framework August 2016. The ShortPoint team did not wait, and we started building our support for the new page builder Microsoft is working on. No need for a new license, this will be just another extension.

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Designing professional SharePoint sites can’t get easier than this

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