ShortPoint for SAP Cloud Platform Portal

“ShortPoint Enriches SAP Portal authoring capabilities
with codeless design extension.”

Amir Blich, Global Partner Management at SAP Labs


Power BI ShortPoint Integration

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Design anything and everything

There no limit to what can be done with ShortPoint.
You can create any design you want with the available options.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Design as many pages as you want. No limits to unleash your creativity.

  • Unlimited Changes

    Make the changes whenever you want and
    as many as you want.

  • Unlimited Sites

    There are no limitation in number of SAP sites you can build.

How it works
Simple steps how to add ShortPoint element on your SAP page

  • Step 1:
    Add ShortPoint Widget

    Click on the empty area. After This You will see appearance of the buttons on the right side.
    Click on the Plus button, scroll to the bottom of the window and choose ShortPoint Widget.

  • Step 2:
    Edit the page and delete Section by default

    Click on the yellow info area and choose edit button. Thats it, you are in the edit mode and can build your page now.
    Try to delete the default Section element added by ShortPoint widget – just hover the element and click on delete button.

  • Step 3:
    Add New ShortPoint Section

    First of all, lets try to add the new Section element. Use second plus button for this.

  • Step 4:
    Add ShortPoint from Page Builder

    Now Click the Plus button, this will open ShortPoint Inserter with all ShortPoint elements. Find Button ShortPoint for example and insert it on the page.
    Enjoy playing with other elements :)

  • Step 5:
    Save Your Page

    Finally! Now all what you need to see your changes is just click on save button.


Unlock The Beauty of Your
SAP HANA Cloud Portal Sites

No coding or complexity. Use ShortPoint to design responsive business sites, digital workspaces or web application


Now available at SAP App Center

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ShortPoint Widget

Add ShortPoint Widget to your SAP HANA Platform, Portal Services pages and start designing. ShortPoint is just one plus button that does everything.


Design Anything & Everything

Be creative and stop wasting time on coding. Web design should not be hard anymore. Save your team power on critical business requirements.


Now available at SAP App Center

Free Trial Watch Demo