ShortPoint 6.5 Release Notes

ShortPoint 6.5 is now available!
New Features and Performance
Improvements Release

The wait is over! We are happy to announce our new release from the ShortPoint team,
and as the usual we have amazing features and improvements!

Download ShortPoint SPFx 6.5

Color Customization for Modern Sites

Branding your SharePoint site and adding your personal or company brand colors to Modern Sites has never been more simple and straightforward. We improved organization of colors in Theme builder.

ShortPoint SPFx

Feature Overview

Change the layout of a Modern Site

Introducing a new Modern Site feature that was previously only available
for Classic Sites, you can now change the layout of your site using the Theme Builder.
You can choose a Full (default) option, a Boxed layout or a Frame one.

ShortPoint SPFx

Frame Layout for Modern Pages

Boxed Layout for Modern Pages

Connect to SharePoint site using URL

New option that allows connect to SharePoint site using URL incase if
it’s not in Other Sites.

ShortPoint SPFx

Feature Overview

Copy and Paste Feature for Modern Pages

A new feature for modern pages allows users to copy full webpart contents.

Copy Full Page

ShortPoint SPFx

Copy Single Design Element

ShortPoint SPFx

Feature Overview

Countdown Improvements

Countdown elements improved with new controls, new styles and mobile responsiveness.

ShortPoint SPFx

Feature Overview

Assign the visibility to Active Directory Group

ShortPoint Visibility will now work for users from Office365/AD Security group.

ShortPoint SPFx

Feature Overview




  • Fixed footer being in the wrong place on Communication Sites
  • Fixed PDF and JFIF files not visible in Asset Picker
  • Fix for not being able to scroll on mobile devices
  • Fixed custom footer being inserted in the wrong location
  • On IE, some toggles inside the Theme Builder had a glitch at their bottoms
  • Fixed ShortPoint Editor fonts being overwritten by fonts set in Theme Builder
  • Fix sections with lazy render enabled not rendered properly on modern pages
  • Fixed table of content work not properly on modern pages
  • Fixed upgrade button was broken inside ShortPoint Dashboard pages
  • In some cases, users were able to break ShortPoint elements in edit mode by clicking the delete button from the keyboard.
  • Fixed incorrect labeling in upgrade notification message
  • Fixed sometimes navigating to Site Pages from the Side Menu breaks the page
  • Fix Theme builder panel fonts are changing when using custom fonts or custom CSS
  • Synchronized ‘Events’ element events dates with SharePoint calendar dates
  • Fixed not being able to hide search on system/list pages
  • Fixed lightbox buttons not working on Modern pages
  • Fixed custom footer being inserted in the wrong location
  • Fix full-width sections are not taking the full width of the screen until a screen resize happens on communication sites
  • In Theme builder, in some cases, users were not able to publish their changes if the Theme Builder was opened on a Site Content page
  • Fixed modern pages mobile responsiveness issue in preview mode
  • Fixed scrollbar not visible in Theme builder in Internet Explorer
  • ShortPoint in some cases used to not work on modern system pages
  • ShortPoint Generator is not in beta status anymore

ShortPoint SPFx Release Notes

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