Works Seamlessly with SharePoint

ShortPoint will appear in the page while editing in a very light but yet intelligent container. Continue editing and adding more elements.

, ShortPoints Inserter, ShortPoint

    1. , ShortPoints Inserter, ShortPoint
    2. , ShortPoints Inserter, ShortPoint
  • And with all Web Parts

    You can add anything in the white areas. ShortPoint intelligently integrated with SharePoint editor, everything you used to do with SharePoint will work with ShortPoint. Users will not feel anyways that ShortPoint is installed.

Be Creative – Its SharePoint

  1. , ShortPoints Inserter, ShortPoint
  2. , ShortPoints Inserter, ShortPoint
  • How does it work?

    When you insert a button to the page content, ShortPoint saves our plain text markup language in the content of the page. When you save the page, our engine replaces this markup language with the final design.

  • I installed, I can not see ShortPoint Insert Buttons!

    Make sure you have activated ShortPoint feature on the site. You need to click inside any content area to activate the buttons. If no content area, then you have to add Content Editor Web part first.

  • ShortPoint buttons are greayed out!

    Make sure you have a valid license, activate the content area or just clear the browser cache.

  • How will this work when Microsoft remove the ribbon?

    You will have to insert ShortPoint Webpart to the page first. ShortPoint Webpart is coming soon and it is powered by the all new SharePoint framework.