• Table for SharePoint, Office 365
    and SAP Portal

    Add Table Element to your SharePoint sites and pages.
    With this ShortPoint, SharePoint Tables will have styles, Table Header and Footer.


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Table Example

, Table, ShortPoint

Table ShortPoint Options

Option Value Default Description
Linking options By default, we will redirect in same window Choose between “Lightbox” or “New window” linking options
Size Number Page size
Style Style Name Choose between “Simple”, “Striped”, “Bordered” or “Condensed” styles
Background Color Color name
Text Color Color Name
Header Text Color Color Name
Border Size Number Border size in px. example, you can put 2px
Border Color Color name
Width Number The width value in any valid units
Responsive bootstrap Choose between “bootstrap” and “flipscroll”
Header Show header
Header First Treat first data row as header
Sorting Enable sorting
Search Enable search
Hover Enable row effect
What do you mean by “Your Table Goes Here”?
SharePoint Rich Text Editor already has table element. So you can use it to insert table in the page. To apply one of our styles above to you table in the page, just wrap it with our table shortpoint as described above.

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