Edit any Page

Click inside page content area, or content editor web part to activate ShortPoint Insert Buttons

ShortPoint Page Builder

Use ShortPoint Page Builder to insert any design element (ShortPoint) to your page.

ShortPoint Page Builder

Connect and Integrate

Use ShortPoint Connect feature to integarte with all your data, external applications and data in few clicks, and present your data in beautiful designs

ShortPoint Connect

ShortPoint Connect

Customize and Brand your Intranet Sites

Just, click Customize my site button in ShortPoint dashboard.

Site settings – ShortPoint Dashboard –¬†Site Customizations

SharePoint Themes and Templates | ShortPoint Theme Builder

The Theme Builder

ShortPoint Demos Magic Feature

Vist demos.shortpoint.com, copy anything and paste in your intranet

Our demos website is a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Site hosted in Azure. We built it entirely using ShortPoint only and without any coding

Try it yourself