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SharePoint Intranet Designers at amazing companies are using ShortPoint to Design, Brand and Build gorgeous SharePoint Intranet Sites with no coding

  • Let your vision and imagination take over- what you see is really what you get with ShortPoint Pages.

    Say goodbye to the constant switching back and forth between edit mode and saved pages. No more clicking on the preview button when you design- what you see in real time is what you get once your Web Part is saved.

  • Resizing so effortless it feels like magic

    Whether it be the width, height, paddings or margins of a Design Element- modifying spaces on your page has never been easier!

  • Get ready for more intelligent design features to come.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have exciting advanced features coming. Designing Intranet pages with ShortPoint will be the best experience on the planet.

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