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    Current version: 5.3
    Last update: 10th, September 2017

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    Frequently asked questions

    How it works and what it does to my SharePoint environment?

    ShortPoint is a Javascript product. It will not edit or customize a single file in your farm. You can activate ShortPoint on a specific site, and once you do that it will just add a reference to ShortPoint Javascript and CSS files in the header of the pages dynamically by using SharePoint recommended APIs by Microsoft.

    Our solutions are signed, verified and certified with DigiCert Extended Validation (EV) Certificate

    ShortPoint Secure

    ShortPoint Javascript & CSS Files Sizes Installation Types, Administrators and Security Teams FAQ
    What is ShortPoint Add-In?

    It is a SharePoint Hosted Add-In (App) that need to be uploaded to App Catalog, and then it will become available for all sites in your domain. It can be installed on your Office 365 tenant, SharePoint Online and also on your SharePoint 2013/2016 On Premise if you have the Add-In environment setup already.

    How to install ShortPoint Add-In (App)

    Will ShortPoint keep my data safe?

    ShortPoint Add-In is a SharePoint Hosted, means the Add-In will be entirely installed on your site. There will be no access outside your domain at all.

    All our solutions will be installed entirely on your environment. ShortPoint does not require internet access to work and all your content will remain safe and untouched.

    I am already customer, how to install updates?

    Same form. We will send you the update download link by email.

    How Trial license work?


    After you install ShortPoint for the first time, it will activate a 15 days trial automatically. You can check the status with your license by opening ShortPoint Dashboard from site settings.

    What will happen when trial period end?

    First 15 Days are FREE. After the 15 days, you can keep your designs but you can design more pages until you purchase a license. The theme you built using ShortPoint theme builder will become unpublished. You can publish the theme back once you purchase your new license

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    Is it easy to remove and uninstall?

    Safe and very simple. For SharePoint Farm Solutions, run the setup file again and choose Remove. For SharePoint Online and Office 365, click uninstalls from ShortPoint Dashboard and then remove the App. More about ShortPoint App Uninstallation


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