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How many users will use ShortPoint?

Only the number of Office 365, SharePoint or SAP User Accounts who will use ShortPoint to design sites and pages.

Single User
Five Users
Ten Users
More than Ten Users
  • Mr. ShortPoint

  • No license required keeping your designs.

    Your designs will continue to work even if you do not renew your license. Just do not uninstall ShortPoint and stay in touch :)

    1. Each license is valid for one farm or one tenant (domain)
    2. Unlimited Users and Servers
    1. Free access to live demos, templates and designs
    2. Free licenses for Migration
    1. License is not required if you do not want to use ShortPoint to design more pages
    2. Unlimited pages, sites & site collections

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ShortPoint User?

    ShortPoint User is the user who will use ShortPoint to design pages and sites. Each user is linked to one Office 365 / SharePoint user account.

  • Do I need a license to keep my designs?

    Absolutely No! The pages and sites are yours and forever. You will need to renew your license only if you want to use ShortPoint to design new pages and sites.

  • What is OnDemand License?

    OnDemand license will give you an unlimited usage of ShortPoint for one year. After that, you need to renew your license if you want to design more pages and sites. You do not need to renew to keep your designs.

  • What is Trial License?

    ShortPoint Trial license will be activated automatically after the first-time install. It will give you a free usage of ShortPoint for 30 days. You do not need to buy OnDemand license to keep your designs.

  • What about non-ShortPoint Users?

    Editors can change the content freely, but they can not modify the options or use ShortPoint features to customize or add new ShortPoint elements to pages. Visitors will see everything based on their permissions of course.

  • How to activate the license?

    On you on-premise farm, you need to access ShortPoint license page in central administration. In SharePoint Online, you need to access the licensing page in ShortPoint Dashboard available in site settings.

  • Can I change the ShortPoint User?

    Of course, you can change, as long as within the same organization. You need to open licensing page on your site, and there you can change ShortPoint designers. You can modify the user once every month only.

  • What are the limitations?

    Each license is valid for one production tenant (domain) or farm.

  • We are migrating, do we need a new license?

    No. We will provide free migration license valid for one year after that customers need to deactivate the license on the old environment.

  • ShortPoint is a design product. Therefore, the license should be for the usage only. We believe we are offering the fairest and most straightforward licensing in the market, without any hidden fees.

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