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Button – Different Colors

[do action=”button-colors”/]

Button – Different Sizes

[do action=”button-sizes”/]

Button – Wide

[do action=”button-size-full”/]

Button – Disabled

[do action=”button-disabled”/]

Button – With Icons

[do action=”button-icon”/]

Button – With Sub Title

[do action=”button-subtitle”/]

Button – Linking Options

Whether you want to show the links in lightbox, same window or new window

Lightbox – Image

[do action=”buttons-linking-image”/]

Lightbox – Video

[do action=”buttons-linking-youtube”/]

Whatever the link you put, the content will show in Lightbox.

Lightbox – Google Maps

[do action=”buttons-linking-googlemap”/]

To obtain Google Maps Url:

  1. Go to the icon at the bottom-right area of the google maps page ( it should be right next to the question mark icon )
  2. Click it and then choose “Share and embed map”
  3. A dialog appears with two tabs, choose the “Embed map” tab
  4. From the text field that will show you an iframe code, you need to copy only what’s in the src attribute
    <iframe src="{copy_this_only}" ..></iframe>

How to optain Google Map Link in order to use in button ShortPoint

New Window

[do action=”buttons-linking-newwindow”/]

Button ShortPoint Options

Option Value Default Description
title ‘text’
sub-title ‘text’ the button sub title. this test will appear smaller than button text and below it.
link ‘link’
color color name plain pre-defined colors for buttons like: primary, info, success, warning, danger.
all colors available at ShortPoint Colors page
text-color color name pre-defined colors for buttons text
all colors available at ShortPoint Colors page
xsmall very small size
small small size
large large size
wide button width will fit the area width
disabled button will be disabled
icon icon name display icon inside the button
all icons available at Shortpoint Icons page
lightbox the link will open in lightbox
new-window the link will open in new window