With this ShortPoint, SharePoint Tables will have styles, Table Header and Footer


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Table – Simple Style

[do action=”table-html”/]

Table – Striped

[do action=”table-html”/]

Table – Hover

[do action=”table-html”/]

Table – Bordered

[do action=”table-html”/]

Table – Condensed

[do action=”table-html”/]

Table ShortPoint Options

Option Value Default Description
striped Show table in striped style
hover Show table with hover style
bordered Show table in bordered style
condensed Show table in condensed style
header-first Convert the first row to table header
footer-last Convert the last row to table footer
What do you mean by “Your Table Goes Here”?
SharePoint Rich Text Editor already has table element. So you can use it to insert table in the page. To apply one of our styles above to you table in the page, just wrap it with our table shortpoint as described above.