• Tabs for SharePoint

    Use this ShortPoint if you want to show page section in tabs preview. Only one tab content will be displayed. This is useful to combine multiple pages in one SharePoint page.

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Tabs Examples

Example 1

Example 2

  • More Tabs Examples

    And that’s not all! Check more awesome Tabs examples on our demo site right now!

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Tabs Features

  • Add Tabs

    Just add a title, choose icon and type the content! That’s It!

  • Active Tab

    Define active tab you want to show open by default.

Tabs ShortPoint Option

Option Value Default Description
boxed tabs will be displayed in boxed style
bar tabs will be displayed in bar style
filled tabs will be displayed in filled style
simple tabs will be displayed in simple style
left tabs location will be on the left
right tabs location will be on the right
bottom tabs location will be at the bottom
color color name primary
  • the active tab color and hover style
  • all colors available at ShortPoint Colors page
active number 0 The default active tab

Tab ShortPoint Option

Option Value Default Description
title “text” Required this is the tab title
Why Two Option Tables? Because this ShortPoint consist of two ShortPoints (Parent and Childs). The tab shortpoint should be inside tabs shortpoint. Thats why we have to describe the options you can use in each one.

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