Download ShortPoint Farm Solution for SharePoint 2013 On-Premise

Current version: for SharePoint 2013

Current version: for SharePoint 2013

Latest update:

May 12, 2020

Next steps after downloading

Install ShortPoint

After you downloaded the .zip file:

  • Extract the Setup2013.exe file to your server and run it

  • Proceed with the Installer steps

  • Activate the ShortPoint Feature

Copy & Paste

Use the Design Kit to get you started:

  • Copy a page or a section

  • Edit any page in your site

  • Paste - Save - Magic ✨

Where it all begins

Get your journey started - follow the simple steps to add ShortPoint to your SharePoint 2013 Farm

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Safe. Secure. Private.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing intranet platform meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

ShortPoint is
Private. Secure. Trusted.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environment meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Need help with Installation?

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Frequently asked questions:

Does ShortPoint change any of our existing other files?

No, everything about ShortPoint is installed in separate folders and all our JavaScript is registered under separate namespace so it will never conflict with any of your code and file.

We don't want to install ShortPoint on few of our web applications / site collections, what should we do?

As explained in ShortPoint installed globally question, ShortPoint deploy its files to 15 hive and GAC. However nothing will be installed on your web application. Please refer to our ShortPoint feature activation article for more details.

Will ShortPoint be deployed globally when we add WSP?

Yes, ShortPoint Adds all of its files to different folders and assemblies under SharePoint 15 hive, and they are deployed globally.

Does ShortPoint add any DLL to our Global Assembly Cache?

Yes, you should be able to find the DLLs at <SystemDrive>\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\. The list of assemblies we deploy to GAC: ShortPoint.Foundation.Common.dll, ShortPoint.dll.