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Whether you're looking to improve the functionality of your SharePoint intranet portal or simply looking for a SharePoint Templates, ShortPoint can help.

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Because we know that it is never easy to create Intranet sites from scratch, ShortPoint has created SharePoint templates that will fit your company and are easy to customize. Once you install ShortPoint, each Online Template can simply be copy and pasted directly into your SharePoint site. Even more impressive, ShortPoint turns you into the designer. You don't need to learn any code or programming languages to craft a unique and custom SharePoint site for your business.

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Because of ShortPoint's simple platform, designers can easily customize individual elements or complete templates based on the need for their company. Instead of designing each element piece-by-piece, ShortPoint saves you time with our database of design elements and complete SharePoint templates to select from. Whether you are in the healthcare, entertainment, travel, transportation, legal, sports, education, real estate, or technology industry, we have templates made for your business.

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