Produce Proof of Compliance to WCAG 2.1 &
DA Accessibility Standards

With ShortPoint Accessibility, your intranet gets a Statement of Compliance with the WCAG and ADA standards. Generate the Statement after all accessibility issues are addressed. Declare to the world that you are compliant with the globally recognized standards of accessibility.

WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance PathWCAG & ADA Compliance Path
ShortPoint Accessibility
ShortPoint Accessibility Widget

Making accessibility easy for intranets

WCAG & ADA compliant intranets fast

Partnership with Experts

P:ShortPoint partnered with UserWay to bring SharePoint intranets the most advanced technology available to remediate accessibility issues and guarantee compliance with WCAG, ADA, and other international accessibility standards. ShortPoint Accessibility offers an AI-powered solution that automatically scans, fixes, and monitors accessibility issues and violations. It provides a comprehensive compliance report that offers insights and recommendations on areas that require attention.

Accessible Digital Workplace

P: Intranets are critical components of an all-inclusive digital workplace and require careful consideration. Web accessibility, including intranets, needs a wider, more meticulous lens than ever before due to existing regulations and compliance requirements. However, this is an initiative that requires significant investment, time, and effort.

User-triggered Widget

P: The solution comes with a widget that engages intranet users to customize site pages according to their accessibility needs. Users can take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities that provide comfort and ease of use in accessing important resources for their job. This interface also records usage statistics that inform leadership on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company intranets.

AI-Powered Remediations

Real Time Scanning & Monitoring

Create Accessibility Statement

Privacy by Design


ShortPoint Accessibility works client-side which allows for immediate updates and guarantees customer data privacy protection.

The AI scans your intranet in real time, spotting accessibility violation issues as they appear with every new page or site created, and fixing them asynchronously, so the site performance is not impacted.

Generate an accessibility statement as the issues are fixed and prove that your Intranet is compliant with the highest standards to auditors, authorities, employees and community.

Your intranet workplace will be safeguarded against any legal mitigations and is fully compliant with international accessibility standards, such as WCAG, ADA, GDPR, UNRUH, EN 301 549, COPPA, HIPPAA and other regulations.

Accessibility Widget Features

One-of-a-kind widget - special for each Intranet

Customize the accessibility widget to make it cater to the needs that prevail at your organization. Style the widget to match your company brand guidelines.


Users are now able to use voice commands to navigate their intranet, non-standard speech included, making it more and more accessible.

Accessible Voice Navigation
Accessibility Administration Dashboard


Administering accessibility for your intranets become easier from a single dashboard optimized for desktop.

Single Sign-On

Safer logging in and better access control of the accessibility solution for your organization.

Secure Accessibility Widget Log-in
User Customizable Accessibility Screen

Personalized home screen

Allows every user to keep their accessibility widget organized and serve their individual needs as they engage with your intranet. Rearrange the widget interface buttons automatically based on usage patterns.

Live Translations
and Dictionary

Users can now translate intranet pages in one click, as well as use the on-page dictionary for better reading comprehension.

Quick Dictionary Access

The Advanced Solution
to Achieve Intranet Accessibility

Intranet Accessibility

Enhance Accessibility

Make your intranet inclusive with the ShortPoint accessibility features. Fix accessibility violations on the code level and enable a personalized user-experience with user-triggered enhancements.

WCAG 2.1

Become WCAG 2.1 & ADA compliant

Become fully-compliant with the top standards. Once enabled, your ShortPoint-powered intranet will 100% comply with WCAG 2.1, ADA, and other standards specific to your country and industry.

Accessible SharePoint

Keep Your Intranet Secure

ShortPoint Accessibility utilizes Artificial Intelligence to scan and fix accessibility violations found within your intranet sites and pages, while maintaining the privacy and security of your site. No data is stored while the solution is enabled and as the widget adapts to your site to offer accessibility options.

Intranet accessible

Stay Compliant as You Scale

The accessibility solution's AI detects and fixes issues in real-time and stays on top of all your intranet sites and pages, including newly created ones! This ensures continued accessibility standards compliance for the present and the future. Small or big, all intranets are fully covered with ShortPoint.

accessible ui/ux

An Intranet
where everyone
is welcome

Bring accessibility to your intranet, not just your public website! Allow people of all abilities to collaborate and get their job done with ease and comfort catered to their individual needs

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AI-powered fixes - no manual work

See the accessibility violations in your intranet and let the AI fix them without manually changing a single line of code and with no impact on your intranet performance

Accessible UI/UX

Committing to accessible alt texts, keyboard shortcuts, popups, forms, and links will make your intranet open to all users and promote effective and comfortable collaboration

User-triggered enhancements

Enable the accessibility widget on your intranet pages to enable users to launch a screen reader, pause animations, improve readability and use many other tools brought to ShortPoint by UserWay

Informed decisions based on statistics

Receive real-time data on the most used accessibility tools by members of your organization and enhance accessibility in these areas on priority

So easy to use straight from the get-go, this ability to start using straight away saved me huge amounts of time designing and building pages in our new SP online environment.

Sam Willis

SharePoint Manager - Study Group

ShortPoint Accessibility puts
your Intranet users in control

SharePoint Accessibility features

All features listed above - inside your gorgeous ShortPoint Intranet.

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