Who’s Kevin the Bear?

Meet Kevin, the friendly and lovable mascot of ShortPoint! Kevin the Bear is in fact a man in a bear costume, who is passionate about saving time and money using the best SharePoint design solution: ShortPoint.

Kevin’s Career

Kevin the Bear began his career after attending his local University, where he was promptly shot with a tranquilizer. Although he was not the only man in a bear costume in attendance, Kevin was voted “most likely to become a mascot for a B2B software company.” Enter: ShortPoint. Kevin the Bear has been passionate about ShortPoint since he installed it and learned that he can create beautiful SharePoint sites in less time without being a design expert.

Fun facts about Kevin

Honey Lover

It’s true, Kevin the Bear loves honey. He loves it so much, he calls his wife “honey,” as well has his two kids. Kevin has honey on the mind and in his tummy. On a given weekday, Kevin can be found at the local coffee shop drinking directly out of the complimentary honey bottle. He knows it’s wrong. He doesn’t care. He just can’t help himself.

Intranet Nerd

Although Kevin is a Bear, he is also a tech nerd. He's not an expert software developer or intranet designer, he's a bear. However, Kevin knows he can design a state-of-the-art intranet solution fast with ShortPoint, and leave time for other things... like chillin’ in the woods and scaring hikers or getting stung by thousands of bees.

Fish Expert

Is that a Trout or a Salmon? How do you cook that fish? Raw, or... raw? Kevin knows. In addition to designing stunning intranet webpages with ShortPoint, Kevin loves sushi. If you ask Kevin what he did on the weekend, he’ll likely tell you that he went fishing with a car battery and a copper wire, because... you know... he likes tech.

Kevin with a fishing rod.
I love fishing, but I love ShortPoint even more! With its user-friendly interface, designing stunning SharePoint sites is like catching the biggest fish in the sea.
Kevin The Bear

Kevin Videos

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SharePoint Design with Kevin the Bear & Live Mode

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