We Think Security

ShortPoint values the privacy and security of our customers. For this reason, ShortPoint follows strict guidelines to ensure all our products are designed with privacy and security in mind.

ShortPoint is entirely installed in your environment.

We do not have access to your content, your content is yours and yours alone.

Your Data Untouched

ShortPoint does not access or store any of your data except for licensing and ShortPoint product usage information. Moreover, we grant our customers the ability to deny even product usage data collection!

Our Security Culture

Here at ShortPoint, we continuously monitor 140+ security controls across the organization and our security policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, approved by management, and communicated to all employees. Furthermore, development of all product functionality is reviewed by our security committee and ShortPoint conducts mandatory security code reviews for all changes.

Security Compliance

We partnered with Drata for continuous monitoring of security controls and compliance across the organization. In addition, ShortPoint works with an independent auditor BARR Advisory to maintain a SOC 2 Type 2 report, which objectively certifies our controls to ensure the continuous security of our customers.

ShortPoint is

We are always on the watch. We have automated monitoring systems in place to regularly check and ensure that ShortPoint performs consistently. We are transparent about our outages through our Live Status dashboard.

Night Watch Testing

Upgrade Control

Live Status Updates


We run daily end-to-end automated testing to detect any change that may affect ShortPoint product performance allowing us to effectively catch any requirements for updates and fixes in record time

We have features that provide you control over when and how your sites are upgraded and you can learn more about them in the section on Upgrade with confidence.

We provide real-time updates about potential service outages on our Live Status dashboard and send email notifications to subscribed individuals.

Upgrade with confidence, Risk Free!

ShortPoint upgrades are seamless and efficient with  no downtime, and no changes affecting your existing sites and designs.

You will never lose anything you design

Our designs are entirely saved within your page. If you remove ShortPoint completely, your designs will still be saved.

If your computer crashes while you are designing, you don’t have to worry. Once you are back online, your work is auto saved and you can continue.

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Private. Secure. Trusted

If you have any questions to our security team or have discovered any security issue please reach out to us at

ShortPoint is
Private. Secure. Trusted.

If you have any questions to our security team or have discovered any security issue please reach out to us at

Downloadable Resources
Download the PDF document to learn how we design our products with privacy and security in mind.