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The idea is simple!

Activate ShortPoint on your site, and it will add tons of new web design capabilities

Installing ShortPoint is very easy and safe. It will just add Javascript and CSS links to SharePoint and SAP sites. No custom master pages, page layouts or heavy customizations

The Page Builder

Use ShortPoint to build beautiful Intranet sites, Portals & Business Website pages with no coding

ShortPoint Page Builder

The Page Builder

The Theme Builder

Use ShortPoint to brand & customize your SharePoint Intranet sites in minutes and without editing the master page

SharePoint Themes and Templates | ShortPoint Theme Builder

The Theme Builder

ShortPoint Demos

Visit our live demos website, be inspired with awesome intranet designs and landing pages.

If you like anything just copy & paste!

ShortPoint Demos

Visit Demos WebsiteOur SharePoint Public Website Copy & Paste Magic ToolOur new web design feature

Integrate with all your Systems

ShortPoint can read data from all your systems. Integrate with all your cloud and on-premise applications with no coding.

ShortPoint Integrations

The Power BI Integration

Use ShortPoint Page Builder to Integrate Power BI Data and Build Powerful Dashboard Sites with no coding

SharePoint Themes and Templates | ShortPoint Theme Builder

The Power BI Integration

Why do our customers love ShortPoint?

Save up to 70% of time and money

Tasks that used to take days by high-tech people will take minutes for anyone

Featherweight Installation

Ultra-fast installation lets you start designing right away

No Coding or Complexity

Build pages by just inserting design elements. Brand sites using the theme builder.

Responsive Design Effortless

Designed to look just fantastic on all devices, browsers and in every language.

We surveyed our customers, 84% responded and said our support is Awesome

Tons of live demos ready to be copied & pasted into your site.

You do not have to be a designer to make gorgeous pages.

Our support teams are not interns. They are the Engineers.

What they say about ShortPoint?

  • Premium Design Elements

    Tiles, Tabs, Animation, Background videos, Toggle, Accordions and many others. Work seamlessly with your SharePoint, Office 365 and SAP Portal sites

  • 60+
    Elements and counting

The Future of ShortPoint

ShortPoint Product Roadmap is aligned with Microsoft and SAP Roadmaps

We love innovation and you can see that from our roadmap. Our products will always support every upgrade released by Microsoft and SAP.

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