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Government workplaces have a long-standing and well-deserved need for decent digital solutions. ShortPoint allows government intranets to become faster, more efficient, and look so much better. ShortPoint allows to transform government sites into modern hi-tech collaboration hubs, thus promoting a high-quality community service.

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Efficient government needs efficient tools

ShortPoint installs directly into your existing intranet environment making it possible for anyone on your team to design and implement beautiful pages and complex features without needing to hire a developer or designer.

Other intranet solution was purchased for one project, however after a short trial of the product in production we found a large number of bugs and the cost ended up being more than the business was prepared to pay for the entire organization. ShortPoint for us. Ease of use, functionality, low cost of ownership, ROI.
Alex O.

Alex O.

Senior Technical Specialist, Productivity Platforms - Australia Post

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Government should run smoother

Government procedures in many countries are associated with delays, retentions, tons of paperwork and inevitable dissatisfaction. Most government workplaces are in a critical need of digital reform and innovation. ShortPoint allows to completely transform old and inefficient workplaces into modern, fast and powerful collaboration hubs. We have put together a curated selection of tools and approaches to make your government intranet better, faster, and up-to-date.

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