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More and more world-class companies are choosing ShortPoint Page Builder
and they are doing so, because of the endless design potential it offers!

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Customizable Design Elements

ShortPoint Page Builder has a wide array of design elements to choose from, allowing you to mix and match features to meet your intranet needs. You can also customize each element's settings and configure it to match the branding of your company, easily!

Intuitive Editing Interfaces

Page builder allows users to design in two flexible modes: Live Mode & Grid Mode. Live Mode offers users the flexibility to design quickly and eliminate guesswork as you resize elements and adjust the spacing between sections, while Grid Mode let's users edit each element down to the smallest details.

Intranet Design Revolution

ShortPoint Page Builder is truly revolutionizing the way you design your Intranet sites. Not only does it give you flexibility and ease, but it also gives you the power to tap into your creativity.

Resize Design Elements on the fly

Click and drag to adjust spacing between design elements.

Page Builder Resize Feature

Switch Between
Grid and Live Modes

Access the benefits of both Grid and Live modes in one click. Experience smooth and effortless shifting between editing modes

Page Builder Modes


Easily backtrack and restore specific design changes you’ve made. No need to re-do your work when you’ve made a mistake.

Page Builder History
Live Mode

A new way to edit and see your designs in real-time.

Equipped with Hot Actions, an intuitive way to resize design elements on the fly.

Made with an EasyPass feature, bound to make selecting, identifying, and editing design elements easier.

Lock and unlock elements as you design. No more accidental edits.

Grid Mode

Intricate intranet designs made easier with no code requirements.

Bright and colorful design interface, specifically made to help you design with ease.

Created with intuitive buttons, making it easier to insert ShortPoint elements.

Next level context menu capabilities, making way for new and better editing actions.

Your Ultimate Intranet Designer

Visual Editor

This is the visual Intranet designer of your dreams! You get to see in real time the changes you make before you even hit publish.

Beautiful Intranet Websites

There's nothing more satisfying than creating beautiful intranet websites! Here, you have endless design possibilities that will ultimately serve your intranet needs.

Mobile Ready Page Builder

You never have to worry about re-coding pages for mobile again! With our Page Builder, you can easily set-up mobile-friendly intranet sites.

Countless Design Options

Your design options are endless! You can mix and match design elements with hundreds of templates to get exactly what you need as an intranet designer.

See your DesignsCome to Life with
Page Builder

Use ShortPoint Page Builder to design your site with drag and drop elements, and absolutely no code. As a result, you give your team all tools they need to make amazing ideas a reality.

Easy to Integrate SharePoint Builder

Works smoothly with the SharePoint interface and enhances capabilities that make intranet websites valuable and engaging.

Infinite Design Options

Take a design element, customize its settings, and apply a variety of features to render your intranet websites' content in an endless number of ways.

Flexible Page Builder Modes

Offers powerful viewing modes with zero code requirement. Our Page Builder can easily switch between Live and Grid modes for maximum control.

Unlimited Potential for Intranet Websites

Realize the intranet website design you always wanted to create and reach new heights in achieving your organization’s strategic goals.

Over 60 customizable elements to drop in Modern and Legacy pages. Quickly build branded pages and dashboard. Also their support is the best

Keith Perfect

Director of Technology - Northrop & Johnson

Do more with Page Builder

Inline Elements in Froala®

Inline design elements are now integrated as froala plugins.

Page History

Everything is saved the second you start building your pages.

Section & Row Layouts

Build every possible page layout to embody your ideas.

Lock & Unlock

Prevent unwanted edits on your page design by locking a design element and its contents.

SmartLazy Render ®

Avoid slow page load on slow connections. Long Pages will load while scrolling using ShortPoint SmartLazy Render

Smart Floating Bar

Quickly access essential ShortPoint functionalities as you design your page.

Restore Unsaved Changes

Inline design elements are now integrated as froala plugins.

Inline Text Editing

Intelligent and easy way to edit your text. Protect branding guidelines.

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