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ShortPoint installs directly into your existing environment making it possible for anyone on your team to design and implement beautiful educational pages and complex learning-oriented features without needing to hire a developer or designer. Intranet sites for schools start with ShortPoint.

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Remote Learning requires efficient tools

ShortPoint allows everyone to design SharePoint Intranet Pages and Microsoft Teams tabs with no coding. Our solutions offer unique environments for schools. Whether you're looking to improve remote learning or simply offer a digital platform for your school, ShortPoint can help.

ShortPoint can be used by educators and content managers who don't have coding or site-designing skills. Our templates help teachers stay organized - and help students get the most out of their education process.

Remote Learning with SharePoint
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So easy to use straight from the get-go, this ability to start using straight away saved me huge amounts of time designing and building pages in our new SP online environment.
Sam Willis

Sam Willis

SharePoint Manager - Study Group

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Remote Learning can be messy

Education websites carry a lot of content. Remember how many books, notebooks, print-outs, and planners we used to carry to school in our student years? Now, fortunately, as more and more resources become available online, we enjoy having all of the learning materials in online format. Therefore, education-specific websites are almost like libraries: very rich with tons and tons of content. This is why, without proper design, remote learning solutions can quickly become hoarded and chaotic. ShortPoint offers a unique platform for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to keep your resources organized and your students on task.

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