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ShortPoint offers unique solutions for healthcare and hospital workplaces. Our SharePoint templates for Hospitals help healthcare professionals design convenient, modern, complex and ordered intranet page solutions for both employees and the patients to thrive.

Intranet Templates for Hospitals
SharePoint Templates for HealthcareSharePoint Intranet for Hospitals

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Turbocharge your healthcare intranet

ShortPoint's unique SharePoint templates for healthcare and hospitals will install directly into your existing intranet environment making it possible for anyone on your team to design and implement beautiful pages and complex features without needing to hire a developer or designer.

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I love that this is easy to use, it makes getting projects done simple and efficient.
Courtney Lazar

Courtney Lazar

Executive Assistant - Airrosti Rehab Centers

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Hospitals need better options

A healthcare workplace is one where discipline, neatness and precision are key. The ability of employees to rely on a solid software solution to bring all of the updates and important information together allows them to show better results at work - thus, serving the needs of the patients more effectively. ShortPoint has selected a range of tools to help you accomplish that task and promote innovationin your healthcare institution.

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