Copy & Paste

One click to replicate them all.

Even with 800+ templates we know sometimes you need something a little more custom. Copy & Paste means you can mix and match existing elements for infinite possibilities.

Works With:

Mix and Match

Pull elements from different templates to solve your exact comapny needs.

Keep Your Brand

Copy & Paste automatically keeps all pages within your sites brand guidelines.

Cross Platform

Use Copy & Paste to move content across any site, environment or platform.

Customize Everything

Copy & Paste elements can always be customized using Page Builder.

ShortPoint has made my life so much easier and more fun.
Sharon Wilken

Sharon Wilken

SharePoint Designer - Exponant

Copy. Paste. Done.

Copy any element from our extensive library and 100’s of demo sites and add it to your site with just a click. Styles and themes will be applied to match your brand identity.

Choose Element

Go to the Here we have our demo pages with elements  that you can copy in just  one click.

Copy Individual Elements

Combine page elements from multiple pages to build your final design.

Paste Anywhere on Your Site

Edit your site page where you have ShortPoint installed. Click in the editor to see your cursor and paste copied before page design.

Build Your Own Library

Create a custom library to pull elements from or make new site design a few clicks away.

Become a Master Intranet Site Designer

Visit our live intranet templates and demos website, be inspired with awesome intranet design ideas.

Get Started Today!

Ignite your vision. Install ShortPoint directly on your site, or play in sandbox mode. No credit card required.

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