Download ShortPoint Farm Solution for SharePoint 2019 On-Premise

Current version: for SharePoint 2019

Current Major version: for SharePoint 2019

Latest Major update:

November 27, 2023

Latest Beta update:

January 4, 2023

💡   Why package and dashboard versions are different?

Current version: for Microsoft 365

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Simple steps how to add ShortPoint element on your SAP page.

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Safe. Secure. Private.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing intranet platform meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

ShortPoint is
Private. Secure. Trusted.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environment meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions:

Will ShortPoint SPFx package handle both classic and modern pages?

Yes, SPFx package will install required scripts which will run on both the classic and modern pages.

I use Sandbox Upgrade Mode. If I have both public and Beta release, can I preview both versions?

Yes, you can preview both public and Beta versions using the Sandbox Mode.

What happens when I remove the Site from Site Collection App Catalog list?

Removing the site from Approved List would not remove the library called Apps for ShortPoint from your site collection, and you can still see the library and items under it. Make your App added from given Site Collection App catalog stop working (web-parts and extensions will no longer work).

Is the upgrade process safe? Who can launch it?

You will be able to launch the New Upgrade as well as use the Sandbox Mode only if you are a user having Site Owner (Full Control) permissions on the site. Therefore, from a safety point of view, launching New Upgrade is completely protected from unauthorized access.

Can I preview the Beta version?

Yes, you can preview the Beta version using the Sandbox Mode. If you use Auto Upgrade, you will need to disable it first.

Where can I find the Upgrade option?

Open the ShortPoint Dashboard page and click the Upgrade tile. Once you do it, you will be redirected to the upgrade page.

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