ShortPoint Connect

Leverage all your data and present it in any design

Connects with all your SharePoint contents within seconds

Task, Documents, Calendar, Custom Lists, Pictures, Assets Library and any SharePoint list or library.

ShortPoint Connect

SharePoint Contents and Beyond

ShortPoint connection types like: Current site, other sites, cross domains, SharePoint search, People search, REST APIs, Microsoft Graph APIs, RSS and many more

ShortPoint Integrations

  • ShortPoint Connection

  • Connect is part of every ShortPoint

    Tiles, slider, accordion, tickers or even a button. Connect to any source and make data ready for consumption

    We built it in most flexible and yet advanced way. Show documents for example in tiles, file list or image titles ShortPoints. You decide!

  • Flexible Metadata Mapping

    After you connect, add metadata and columns to any option value.

    You can set the Title of the ticker to be news title and also the category.

  • ShortPoint Connect

  • ShortPoint Connect

  • Insert to your page

    When you finish, insert to the editor

    The connected ShortPoints will be presented with an icon and the name of the data source.

  • Final Results. Dynamic data in any design.

    ShortPoint engine will take care of everything else and show the data in the way you need

  • ShortPoint Connect

ShortPoint Connection Manager

Use ShortPoint Connection Manager to create new connections and connect to any source of data

ShortPoint Connection Manager