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Copy & Paste in SharePoint is a reality

Copy & Paste SharePoint Themes, Elements and more with ShortPoint. Even with 800+ templates, you may want something a little more custom. ShortPoint's Copy & Paste feature allows you to mix and match from our catalog of themes and elements to create infinite possibilities for your SharePoint Intranet Designs.

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Copy & Paste for SharePoint

We know the trouble of thinking of the perfect Intranet design for your sites. Don't worry. ShortPoint has the perfect solution for you! At ShortPoint, we have created an easy and convenient way for you to design stunning intranet sites with our Copy & Paste feature. Through ShortPoint, you can access hundreds of pre-formatted templates and click, copy, & paste them into your site. It's that easy.

SharePoint Theme Library

Our Demos library is categorized according to your design needs from whole pages you can easily customize, to individual elements that match your needs. ShortPoint also has different use cases you can choose from, allowing you to easily find what you need. After you select a theme or element, you can simply paste it into your site.

Unify Branding in Moments

Want to set branding for your whole site? It's easy with ShortPoint. You can set your branding guidelines using ShortPoint Theme Builder and any pasted designs will automatically be changed to your branding and format. On brand in minutes? It's easy with ShortPoint.

Beautiful SharePoint Intranet Design In Just A Click

Mix and Match

Fulfill all your Intranet design needs by mixing and matching elements from different templates.

Keep Your Brand

Copy & Paste automatically keeps all pages' Intranet design match your brand guidelines.

Cross Platform

Keep your intranet design uniform across all platforms. You can Use Copy & Paste to move content across any site, environment or platform.

Customize Everything

Copy & Paste elements can always be customized using ShortPoint's Page Builder, giving you the freedom to create SharePoint designs according to your preference.

Easily Copy &Paste SharePoint

Copy any element from our extensive library and add it to your site with just a click. Styles and themes will be applied to match your brand identity and desired intranet design

Choose Intranet Design Elements

Our Demos Site has a massive collection of demo pages and elements  that you can easily copy and paste.

Mix & Match Intranet Design Elements

Combine page elements from multiple pages to build your final SharePoint Intranet Design

Paste Anywhere on Your Site

Select individual design elements and paste them anywhere on your site for easily branded and useful pages.

Build Your Own Library

Create a custom library of your own and pull elements and designs from it to create new pages in moments.

ShortPoint has made my life so much easier and more fun.

Sharon Wilken

SharePoint Designer - Exponant

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