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    Released: January, 4th, 2018

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What’s New


Major Update – Date: 4th, January 2018


  • Users not assigned to ShortPoint license can check out branding tool but can’t publish.
  • Now ShortPoint can be activated on the Site Collection scope on On-Premise environments.
  • Footer: Now you can create a Footer from Generator Page, and apply it to the whole site from Theme Builder.
  • New Site and Pages Elements Control in Theme Builder
  • New Connection Types Filters: People Search – Upcoming Birthdays, Birthday Today, Anniversaries and much more


  • Improving tabs rendering on mobile devices.
  • Now you can download the ShortPoint product without submitting a form. The form is required only for requesting a Free Trial.
  • Developers can use ShortPoint API to replace dynamic content on the page.
  • Improved Events ShortPoint User Experience.
  • Now any list type connected to Table ShortPoint will have a clickable title.
  • Now you can specify items limit for SharePoint List connection.
  • Publishing Image can be used by Connect Feature.
  • Additional Performance Improvements to ShortPoint Engine

New Elements Changes:

  • Important: ( Breaking Change ) If you had any change applied to ( Page Elements or Homepage Elements ), next time you open ShortPoint Theme Builder, make sure to go to ( General Settings > Elements > All Sites ) and re-enable your desired elements again.
  • Page Elements and Homepage elements are moved under Elements category.
  • Page Elements are now called “Root Site”, and will no longer affect subsite pages ( there’s a special category for called “Subsites” ).
  • Homepage elements are now called “Homepage” and will only affect root site homepage ( subsites homepages are no longer affected, there’s a special category for them called “Subsites Home Page” ).
  • Enabling an element (e.g: Hide Ribbon ) in “All Sites” will enable the element in all other categories ( Root Site, Sub Sites, Home Page, Subsites Home Page, System Pages & Mobile Elements ), optionally you can go to any of these categories and disable the desired element for your flexibility.
  • Enabling an element in “Root Site” will enable the same element in “Home Page”, in which you can optionally disable it.
  • Enabling an element in “Sub Sites” will enable the same element in “Subsites Home Page”, in which you can optionally disable it.


  • ShortPoint framework Upgrade did not work if any Dashboard page settings changed.
  • Sometimes upgrade button will appear inside Upgrade page in ShortPoint Dashboard, even if the user did not upload the latest package to App Catalog.
  • Preloader image sometimes blinks.
  • In some cases sections with full-screen option did not render correctly on FireFox browser .if the section had some visibility settings applied.
  • Heading styles was not shown inside ShortPoint Page Builder Editor.
  • All Colors defined in Theme Builder Color palette, are now available in Page Builder editor.
  • Sometimes on Internet Explorer browser if the user scrolls while the page is not yet fully loaded,  part of the page won’t get rendered.
  • Tab content might go out of tabs border on small screens if tab height was specified.
  • Demo link in page builder color gets changed when clicked.
  • Demo link in page builder color is not pure white.
  • Sometimes slideshows occupied more height in Page Builder preview.
  • In rare cases, in generator page, pasted content might break the Shortpoint elements.
  • Hide ribbon is now disabled inside lightbox dialog.
  • Some out of the box web parts were not working when ShortPoint is activated.
  • In rare cases, selecting some text from Page Builder title, and pasting it inside might break the page builder.
  • Paste sometimes did not work.
  • Could not check the page without saving.
  • Upgrade to beta checkbox was misplaced in dashboard upgrade page.
  • Fixed copying of ShortPoints from Demo site.
  • Sometimes default style of tiles got stuck on mouse over.
  • Sometimes tile shape square was not an actual square.
  • Fixed dynamic values used in href and src attributes on Generated ShortPoint template.
  • Fixed Item Limit saving for RSS and REST connections.
  • Fixed View Item URL for External Content Type connection.
  • Nested structure in REST query result is now Plainfield and can be used by connected ShortPoints.
  • Publishing Image can be used by Connect Feature.
  • Typography settings were broken on managed metadata submenu item.
  • The section force top option is no longer copied from our demos website.
  • Copy tabs from demos website were not working.
  • Reset to site default in theme builder was broken.
  • Fixed Item Limit saving for RSS and REST connections.
  • ShortPoint upgrade is enabled when the license has expired.
  • Fixed performance issue with specific content.
  • Fixed: sometimes Generated parts were not showing on a subsite on Foundation.
  • Fixed dynamic values used in href and src attributes on Generated ShortPoint template.Developers can use ShortPoint API to rep

Minor Update – Date: 9th, October 2017


  • Improving dashboard pages layout on RTL layouts.
  • You can now control the title color and text size of both accordions and toggles.
  • Accordions and toggles title hover color can now accept any color, not just pre-defined Shortpoint colors.
  • Performance: Slideshows and image carousel now will only load minimum required images, and lazy load the rest.


  • Links to support and knowledge base added into both Theme Builder and Page Builder.Links to support and knowledge base added into both Theme Builder and Page Builder.
  • Theme Builder New Feature: Showing a move to the top button when the user scrolls down the page.


  • Add-in Only: ShortPoint framework Upgrade did not work, if any Dashboard page settings changed Sometimes upgrade button will appear inside Upgrade page in ShortPoint Dashboard, even if the user did not upload the latest package to App Catalog
  • Add-in Only: Improving tabs rendering on mobile devices
  • Add-in Only: Preloader image sometimes blinks
  • Showing a link to ShortPoint demo page on our demos website inside Page Builder.
  • Upgrade and rollback buttons in ShortPoint Add-In used to appear even if they have the same version.
  • ShortPoint dashboard pages content will not inherit primary color from SharePoint.
  • ShortPoint was broken on Oslo master pages.
  • Copy overlay used to appear on tabs, even if copy feature is not enabled on the tab element.
  • Sometimes add-in dashboard shows upgrade buttons even when no upgrade will happen.
  • Showing rollback button only when rollback version is less than upgrade version.
  • Fixed issue with lists containing cross-site lookup field.

Major Update – Date: 10th, September 2017

Most important in this new version is the new ShortPoint Add-In upgrade process. You do not have to submit the download form again, just open ShortPoint Dashboard and click upgrade directly from your site.

ShortPoint 5.3 Release Notes


  • An info message will appear in page builder, theme builder, page in edit mode, and dashboard when new public version is available of ShortPoint.
  • Now User should be able to upgrade without upload new app to app catalog.


  • Now html fields will be rendered as html in table ShortPoint. This includes Link field.
  • Preloader warning messages will not be shown again if user dismiss them.
  • Search box styles are more flexible now.
  • Showing a warning message that trial license will expire, in the page builder.
  • When installation of add-in fails, an informative error message is displayed with links to possible solutions.
  • Implemented support for RTL websites in Theme Builder.


  • Now the Event element will respect time format selected in Site Settings > Regional Settings
  • Fixed windows login popup on a new website with ShortPoint installed.
  • Structured navigation root menu item was improperly highlighted, if the menu item was pointing to the homepage
  • Structured navigation sub menu items was not selected properly on mobile menu
  • Structured navigation sub menu item was not highlighted if it was pointing to a system page.
  • Activate new license button didn’t work in Internet Explorer.
  • Clicking “Close” button inside a lightbox did not close the lightbox.
  • Clicking outside page builder will not accidentally close it anymore.
  • Fixed issue with assigning shared users as ShortPoint designers.
  • In rare cases, SharePoint lists dropdown menu was not working.
  • On rare cases, choosing a border color broke the product.
  • Fixed conflict of ShortPoint with MDS feature
ShortPoint 5.2.2 Release Notes

Minor Update – Date: August, 20, 2017

ShortPoint Add-In / ShortPoint Farm Solution

We fixed the following issues reported by our customers:

  • Fixed the issue where ShortPoint were not working when SharePoint Minimal Downloaded Strategy Feature were enabled
  • Few customers reported login prompt issue when user has access to a sub site and not to the root site

Minor Update – Date: August, 14th, 2017

First of all, we have new names for our most important features: ShortPoint Inserter is now ShortPoint Page Builder. And ShortPoint branding is now ShortPoint Theme Builder. ShortPoints now we call theme elements.


  • Custom CSS: Now you can type custom CSS in the Page builder directly. Open any element settings, and check out the Custom CSS tab.
  • Caching: To improve performance more, now you can enable manual caching for connected data. Check out the new performance section in Connect tab.
  • Finally you can move rows and sections up and down.
  • Also you can add a new row everywhere inside a section, not only at the end of it.
  • SharePoint Search box can now be customized using the Theme Builder.
  • Fixed & Floating Header: Keeping header visible on top of the page, and hiding and showing it when user scroll down or up.
  • New Connection Type: Current User Connection type. This is still beta, but you can use it to get information based on currently logged in user.


  • Implemented support of special characters in ShortPoint fields. For example, you can now add & in the link fields.
  • Now html fields will be rendered as html in table ShortPoint. This includes Link field.
  • Users can now add links to ShortPoint elements list.


  • Accordions and toggles Preloader sometimes got shown after the content is already visible on screen.
  • Preloader takes extra time to fade out on pages that does not contain ShortPoint rendered elements. You have to upgrade the preloader code.
  • Preloader kept spinning in case trial period is expired
  • Included Original Date fields in Event ShortPoint to fix date format related issues. Use this new field if you faced timezone issues even after you specified the exact date format in advanced tab
  • Fixed a bug with recurring events in calendar connected to Events ShortPoint are not getting data.
  • In some cases home link was selected on other pages in structural menu.
  • Home link icon used to be displayed while page is rendering in structural navigation, even if icon home link style was not selected.
  • On structural navigation main menu hover color got applied to sub menu, if no sub menu hover color was selected.
  • Menu fix: Root element was not always selected if a nested item is selected in managed navigation.
  • ShortPoint color palette used to override calendar color overlays.
  • Icon color was not working for Counterbox, when it was placed inside a panel.
  • On rare cases Counterboxes used not to fit in the available area.
  • Fixed an issue with changing visibility options in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with inheritance of branding settings on subsites.
  • Bottom sections on pages used to take extra time to render in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with connection description when connection to RSS or REST service.
  • Fixed trial expiration countdown on Dashboard.
  • Sometimes em values in site customization tool was lost and treated as pixels.
  • Carousel images used to overlap with SharePoint ribbon bar, if they appear behind it in Internet Explorer browser with SharePoint 2016.
  • In rare cases, applying Custom CSS behaved different in a live preview (while customization tool is opened ), than when the site is published.
  • Below all textshows element, there was some extra whitespace displayed.
  • Current page was not highlighted in mobile managed navigation.

Major Update – Date: 9th, July 2017

We understand that the loading time for pages is very critical. It should be around a couple of seconds. We improved the performance for all ShortPoint features. This includes the loading time for all dynamic contents.

This release is a result of continuous work we started in January this year to improve the core features in ShortPoint. Now after this release, our focus will be shifted back to new features, design elements, and branding.

ShortPoint Release Notes
  • Improved page rendering performance. The rendering time has been reduced by 30% – 70% depending on page complexity.
  • Improved performance of data loading by Connected ShortPoints. Loading time reduced by about 50%/
  • Implemented smart caching for Connected ShortPoints. Improved recurring loads time.
  • In this release, we fixed one of the most annoying issues, the issue with extra white spaces is now gone.


  • Removed extra white space below counter boxes.
  • Internet Explorer browser used to render some ShortPoint elements with extra height
  • In some cases equalized columns used to acquire more vertical space than needed.
  • in some cases, preloader used to take an unnecessary extra 3 seconds to fade out.
  • Counter boxes did not display 0 number
  • In some cases, copy single element button appeared transparent


  • New display action that enable users to remove break-lines and spaces before and after ShortPoint element.
  • Improved page rendering performance.
  • Improved performance of Connected ShortPoints.
  • Implemented smart caching for Connected ShortPoint.
  • Improved recurring loads time.
  • Showing alerts about outdated preloader, ie compatibility, and a recommendation when no preloader is installed in both branding and inserter

Minor Update – Date: 23rd, May 2017

We are continuing improving the performance. In this release, we improved the experience in IE 11 browsers (the best browser in the world :p). Few customers experienced a freeze when accessing pages designed with ShortPoint in IE 11.

We also improved performance even more for our products on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 Servers.

Important: There is still performance issue related to ShortPoint Visibility feature when enabled and on IE.  If you experience performance issue, please disable ShortPoint visibility feature and wait until we release the fix next month.
Dynamic ShortPoints Performance Improvements are coming next month. ShortPoint is going to be the FASTEST solution in the world to build dynamic web pages.


  • Reduce freezing time on Internet Explorer browser
  • Improved performance on SharePoint 2013 and 2016 Servers
  • Video backgrounds are misplaced on Internet Explorer browser
  • Calendar Webpart events were not properly aligned on Internet Explorer browser
  • Calendar Webpart had a horizontal scrollbar if it was added inside a ShortPoint element
  • Image titles sometimes did not render correctly on Internet Explorer browser
  • Managed navigation was broken on mobile on some site settings pages

Minor Update – Date: 8th, May 2017

  • ShortPoint Add-In Version


  • Prevent clearing twitter widget related attributes from generated ShortPoint

Minor Update – Date: 3rd, May 2017

  • ShortPoint Add-In Version


  • In rare cases, generated shortpoint content is not saved, and edit page functionality is broken

Minor Update – Date: 28th, April 2017

  • ShortPoint Add-In Version
  • ShortPoint 2016 Farm Solution Version
  • ShortPoint2013 Farm Solution Version


  • Additional rendering performance improvements for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 On-Premise
  • Now a warning message is shown about Internet Explorer compatibility mode and how to fix it.


  • Background image did not appear on Internet Explorer browser.
  • Branding and customization tool used to apply default CSS styles, even if nothing was applied by end-user.
  • Fixed an issue when content Preloader appeared below tabs.
  • ‘Edit Properties’ page was broken.
  • Full page backgrounds sometimes appeared shifted on full layout sites.
  • Hide ribbon sometimes showed extra white space end of the page.
  • Homepage elements did not work on On-Premise 2013 / 2016 Farm Solutions.
  • Huge white space appeared around image titles on mobile and on resizing the browser.
  • Keep margin on mobile was not working.
  • Image size help message had some misleading information.
  • Menu background did not fill the whole available space when the logo was hidden on the home page.
  • Fixed page hanging when opening page in Edit mode.
  • Setting an icon on managed navigation broke the navigation.
  • Managed navigation item was broken on the mobile menu if it did not has a link.
  • Fixed issue when managed navigation does not have a hover effect if it does not have a link.
  • On Internet Explorer browser, page might break if it contains a dollar sign.

Major Update – Date: 16th, April 2017

ShortPoint Release Notes

Major Update – Date: 22nd, February 2017


  • Branding and Site Customization features. Check out the video.
  • New Option added to the section: Move Top


  • Fixed issue with Internet Explorer browser when Pages running on Windows Surface were not scrollable because of the surface special scroll bar.
  • Panel links always were opened in a new tab. This is no longer an issue.

#Hotfix for SharePoint 2016 and 2013 On Premise – Date: 11th, January 2017

We have improved the performance of ShortPoint farm solutions for SharePoint 2016 and 2013 On Premise. Customers in high traffic farms will explore significant performance improvements.

#Hotfix for SharePoint Online Only – Date: 5th, January 2017

Microsoft recently patched new upgrades for SharePoint Online classic pages. This upgrade has a faulty error that will cause any custom Javascript in newly created and published page not to work.

If you have ShortPoint Add-In installed, you will not see ShortPoints in the newly published pages.

We have fixed the issue, and you guys need to upgrade ASAP.


  • REST API Connection Type is now added to ShortPoint Inserter. You can create REST connections without using ShortPoint Dashboard.
  • We added new full-color file icons to File List ShortPoint.
  • Now you can connect with sites in external site collections not just with current site collection
  • We improved the UX with Connected ShortPoints. Now users will see modern preloader when loading the page.


  • Fixed issue when Publishing pages were empty after publishing.
  • Images inside frame had extra height on Internet Explorer than other browsers.
  • Search box Webpart was not responsive when placed inside a ShortPoint element.
  • Infopath when displayed inside Shortpoint element, was not responsive.
  • Fixed URL field support for Links SharePoint List.
  • Fixed case when horizontal scrollbar might appear if the content inside panel is wider than panel width.

Minor Update – Date: 6th, December 2016


  • ShortPoint Now Support Minimal Download Strategy Feature in SharePoint (MDS). Activate this feature on your SharePoint team sites to reduces page load time including ShortPoint files. We love it when we work on anything related to performance :)
  • Now ShortPoint Add-In can be installed on all sites and sub sites within same site collection in one click. If you add ShortPoint Add-In to the root of the site collection, you will see new toggle in the installation page. If enabled, it will install ShortPoint globally.


  • Fix many issues related to RTL SharePoint Websites like Arabic.
  • Display elements had partially hidden content and extra spacing when viewed inside the Inserter
  • Fixed issue when Events Webpart displayed incorrectly inside Tabs ShortPoint
  • Fixed a conflict that caused by Force SharePoint Responsive feature to elements that have negative margin
  • Fixed Additional Properties in People Search connection
  • Fixed displaying of User field in Table ShortPoint
  • Fixed issue when Events webpart rendered incorrectly inside ShortPoint
  • Fixed issue with RSS connection when it was not working with item’s limit set to 1
  • Fixed issue with ShortPoint Users saved per each site
  • In edit mode, sections were not fully white when added to a non-while page
  • On anonymously accessed pages, TOC links were broken
  • Fixed issue when in Firefox some display elements had scrollbars
  • In Inserter editor sometimes the link and image popup were placed off the screen (on small screens)
  • Removed white empty button that appears on small devices on Oslo master-page when Force SharePoint Responsive feature is enabled
  • SharePoint WebParts when added inside row or section, sometimes the popups that came out of the web parts were clipped and not fully visible
  • Sometimes clicking on a display element menu was hidden and user was not able to click on those menu items in Internet Explorer
  • Sometimes demo pages had extra spaces between design elements
  • Sometimes tab headers was not responsive when resizing the page
  • Tiles: fixed crash if title is a number


  • Now Events and DateList show only columns with date from Connect for date
  • Events will now automatically detect the locale of the site, and display dates and times in the site locale, with a fallback to English on LTR / Arabic on RTL in case detection failed
  • SAP & Generator ShortPoint editors, now allows inserting images into the content

Major Update – Date: 3rd, November 2016


  • Major update to Events ShortPoint: fresh look and more options
  • Now REST connection will work even if data is returned as JSON string
  • Implemented People Search connection type
  • Implemented People in SharePoint Group connection type
  • In all ( Date List, File List, Icon List, Image List & Simple List ), If there is a link on the item, the icon will be link-able as well.
  • Adding linking options to image captions Іhortpoint element
  • Implemented RSS Connection as with URL as an Inserter field so user can create a connection without using Dashboard.


  • When using static height on panels ( e.g: 200px ), the will was applied on the content of the panel, without considering the panel title.
  • When columns have the same layout but different size, content inside columns was not aligned
  • Sometimes when deleting a content placed before a ShortPoint element, the element might get broken, and code appear next to the element
  • Some headings aren’t lost any more in TOC Navigation
  • ShortPoint now partially support SharePoint Blog websites
  • On publishing pages, when multiple ShortPoints are nested into each other, clicking Enter did not work inside those ShortPoint elements.
  • On very rare cases, Google maps failed to render
  • Fixed ShortPoint compatibility with other products that use require.js
  • Fixed connected Tabs content was not shown for left/right position
  • Disabling Google Maps zoom while scrolling on touch devices
  • Connected ShortPoints did not have proper spacing between them
  • When icon has a link and placed on a non-white background, a white line appeared behind the icon.
  • When column has only background but no content inside, on mobile device the background was not shown
  • On rare cases, end user was allowed to paste ShortPoint elements in some invalid locations, which caused page content to be corrupted.
  • In rare cases, the items tab inside inserter dialog will not show any field for editing or inserting, due to external CSS styles overriding some Іhortpoint styles
  • Image titles and links had a white background when they had a link option.
  • Fix ShortPoint breaks scrollbars on wide List pages


  • Google map mouse wheel zoom on scroll is now disabled, to improve scrolling experience
  • Ticker title will be hidden on mobile devices to make room for ticker content to be readable
  • Now ShortPoint can be upgraded when the license is expired
  • Now you can select and copy text along with ShortPoints

Minor Update – Date: 11th, September 2016

Announcement: Minor update notification ShortPoint


  • New option to tabs ShortPoint “Preserve Active Tab“, to maintain the active tab state even after page being refreshed.
  • Tiles title option can now accept \n to split the title into multiple lines.
  • ShortPoints that have items tab in Inserter, now its items can be easily re-ordered using the new move up / down buttons.
  • Added date format string option to parse non-standard date formats correctly.


  • Fixed ShortPoint display got distorted/broken by selecting text and using text formatting.
  • On IE if multiple sections added to the page, some section buttons will be hidden behind the next ShortPoint element.
  • Fixed issue when display can be removed by removing an image from inside.
  • Connect support for Assets Library when Video and Rich Media site collection feature is disabled.
  • White text was invisible if added from editor inside Inserter.
  • Fixed issues that ShortPoint was broken after copying text with ShortPoint.


  • While navigating between ShortPoints, all scrollbars inside ShortPoint details will be reset for better user experience.

Minor Update – Date: 30, August 2016


  • Grouping related Inserter fields together, for better readability, and fast access to ShortPoint options.
  • Hiding advanced options in all ShortPoints, and only show them whenever needed, to let the user focus on important and frequently used options first.
  • Allow preview ShortPoints on a simulated dark background.
  • ShortPoints in Inserter are now sorted by name, for better readability.
  • New Columns component to picking the layout for all of the columns in the row with one single click.
  • Now fields that depend on other field values will only be shown when another field has the right value, instead of being always shown.


  • Fix WebPart options inside dark panel.
  • If ShortPoint is installed on a site that has customized master page, in some cases, some ShortPoints will not render correctly due to customized master page is having different scroll wrapper for the page.
  • Images list: Fixed images not shown if URL contained space.
  • In icons list ShortPoint, field icon was not icon picker UI control.
  • Inserter will show update button if generated ShortPoint is opened from the ribbon.
  • On rare cases, ShortPoint, when installed on a customized master page site, the site navigation links, will be disabled.
  • When only one tab has an icon, choosing icon color will break the ShortPoint.
  • While navigating between ShortPoints, all scrollbars inside ShortPoint details will be reset for better user experience.
  • Fixed issue with Inserter button on small screens.
  • Now Connect support lists with special characters in the title.
  • Fix ShortPoints can’t always be inserted in IE for SharePoint 2010 (OnPremise).
  • Remove parallax option from section and row.
  • Fix changing the layout in a row removes columns content.
  • Fix row actions appeared behind Webpart.
  • Fixed: section with background video covers the previous sections and heading.
  • Fixed horizontal and vertical alignment didn’t work with layout option on Background.
  • Fix Section icon was missing on Inserter dashboard.
  • Update description fields in all ShortPoints to accept multi-column content when connected to a list.
  • Webparts will overlap each other when placed inside columns ShortPoint.
  • On rare cases, the browser might crash for a complex layout.

Minor Update – Date: 23rd, August 2016


  • In some cases, when using section, shortpoint is not rendered on IE browsers.
  • Few of our customers reported performance issue affecting few pages. We solved the problem. Performance is now fixed and a little bit better than before. We will continue improving the performance in the upcoming versions. Thank you so much, guys, for helping us identify and solving the issue.

Important notice before you upgrade

Major Update – Date: 17, August 2016

Now each ShortPoint user in the world can see the new Inserter, Preview, Display, Row, Columns, Section, Connect, Force responsive and other awesome features…


  • New package for SharePoint 2016 (OnPremise).
  • New Display action buttons.
  • New Section element, to improve the page layout, and allows to create complex responsive designs.
  • Media Selection: for all images, links and videos inside ShortPoint, you can now pick them using the Media Selection component, instead of manually copy / paste links.
  • Added REST APIs support for Connect in ShortPoint Foundation.
  • Implemented Rich Text editor for ShortPoint Generator in ShortPoint Foundation.
  • Added preview features to Generator.
  • A brand new design for ShortPoint Inserter that is more elegant and much easier to use.
  • New Preview option in ShortPoint Inserter
  • Force your SharePoint to be responsive and to look great on mobile devices in one click (experimental version – will get much better in the next release)
  • Created new option full-page-width to Row/Background/Slideshows
  • Implemented new licensing model for ShortPoint Foundation and Office 365
  • Experimental option for Row: equalize columns


  • Fix the support for SharePoint Search REST APIs
  • Enhance Column/Row display:
    – columns resize buttons: resize columns directly from your editor in one click
    – edit column button
    – row layout dialog: choose row layout in two clicks!
  • Improved versioning of Foundation packages
  • Possibility to add spaces before and after WebPart inside ShortPoint
  • Improved ShortPoint engine on ShortPoint Foundation and compatibility with ShortPoint Add-in
  • All Checkboxes in Inserter now will have a similar look to the iOS toggles
  • Input fields in the Inserter will appear now organized into groups for better readability
  • ShortPoints that cannot be inserted into a specific position in the page will now appear disabled inside the Inserter.
  • Update description field for all ShortPoints to support HTML content, when the ShortPoint is connected to a rich text column


  • Fixed an issue with disabled Inserter button after installation.
  • Fixes an issue where Ribbon will overlap Web Parts menu in Chrome.
  • Fixed Tiles were broken on window resize.
  • Fixed full-width ShortPoints sometimes inherit font style.
  • The panel, Column, Panel: fixed height on mobile devices (responsiveness).
  • Fixed inserting a Web Part inside a row ShortPoint was not correct in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed text inside row ShortPoint couldn’t be edited by simply clicking on it in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fixed Map not working inside second or next Tab item.
  • Tiles: fixed links with URL-encoded symbols.
  • “Icon: fix vertical alignment for some icons.
  • Icon: fix fill-up hover style”.
  • Fixed source editing issue of Template ShortPoint.
  • Fixed SharePoint REST API Search support by ShortPoint Connect.
  • Fixed issue with a rich text editor for the content field of Generated ShortPoint.
  • Fixed issue when cannot insert one ShortPoint inside another one on Publishing Page.
  • Fixed Adding WebPart inside ShortPoint content in Firefox is not working.
  • Fixed issue when sometimes cannot type after ShortPoint remove.
  • Fixed issue when action menu was hidden if not space in Froala and SharePoint 2010 (OnPremise).
  • Fixed additional space which appeared between view mode while in edit ShortPoints is stacked.
  • Fixed Copy/Duplicate menu is hidden behind the ShortPoint after you duplicate a ShortPoint.
  • Fixed Row publishing pages were broken if inserted the first on the page.
  • Fixed ShortPoint break after remove inner ShortPoint.
  • Fixed Carousels/Slideshows arrows vertical position.
  • Fixed Image Carousel ShortPoint hands the page.
  • Fixed issue when inserted ShortPoint appeared outside text editor.
  • Possibility to add spaces before and after WebPart inside ShortPoint.
  • Fixed issue when after ShortPoint Foundation installation Ribbon buttons were disabled.
  • Fixed huge whitespace above table ShortPoint in publishing pages.
  • Fixes an issue where ShortPoint was causing scrollbars to appear in some of SharePoint dialog
  • Disabled full-screen and full-width on page history

Minor Update – Date: 17, July 2016

We fixed a nasty issue where some users could not add web parts to pages that contain ShortPoints. Sorry about that folks!

Major Update – Date: 15, June 2016


We are super excited about this release for one main reason: We finally gave ShortPoint a brand new editing experience. You guys will love it :)

The animation and hover effects will make it even more beautifu

We grouped the actions as well and added icons to tell you what ShortPoints are connected with SharePoint contents

And now ShortPoint works much better with SharePoint Web Parts and App Parts


  • Implemented new Connect architecture. Now there are multiple connections available. Including Current Site connection(which will load only current site’s lists information) and Other Sites connection(which will load lists information for the entire site collection).
  • Brand new ShortPoint Display UI/UX
  • Use Rich Text Editor in ShortPoint Generator and in ShortPoint Inserter (Office 365).
  • ShortPoint Connection Manager Beta: Now you can connect with any REST service (Office 365).


  • Show nested ShortPoints in rich text content instead of plain-text shortcodes
  • Implemented REST Connections support for ShortPoint Connect (Office 365).
  • Background: added margin-left and margin-right options
  • Tabs new height option, to enable all tab elements to have the same height


  • Table of Content ShortPoint will be moved out of page while the user scrolls if fixed option is checked.
  • Fix ShortPoint was breaking scrolling (on wide pages or on sites that use custom themes)
  • Fixed issue with missing dialog box scrollbar.
  • Fix shortpoint are destroyed by clicking backspace inside content
  • Fix: Removing webparts from column content, will make the column content impossible to edit anymore
  • Some headings aren`t lost any more in TOC Navigation
  • Fix Tiles crash when connected to an empty list
  • Fixed an issue with disabled Inserter button after installation

Minor Update – Date: 16, May 2016

We fixed minor issues reported by customers from the previous major release. We also improved the performance again, and now the loading time should be super fast.

Major Update – Date: 8, May 2016


We are so excited to share this update with you guys. After 30 endless and sleepless nights, we solved those nasty bugs and included the most wanted features to date.


New Feature: The Insane Copy / Paste / Duplicate

We added new actions to ShortPoint. Copy and Duplicate. Hit the copy icon and your work will be copied to the clipboard, paste anywhere else.

You can copy between all sites, site collections, farms and even different version of SharePoint. You can copy from SharePoint 2010 for example and paste in your new SharePoint online site!

This video: SharePoint Online on the right and SharePoint 2010 On-premise on the left. You can design your SharePoint On-premise environment and paste in your office 365 sites

Works Across All Editions of SharePoint

New Feature: Connect With Any Site!

Now you can connect and get content from other sites within the same site collection. Awesome!

We Improved The Speed in Everything!

The loading time is now 200% faster, and Add-In package is less than 700kb, and the installation/upgrade is ten times faster.

New Support: ShortPoint Add-In can be installed on SharePoint 2013/2016 On-premise farms

You only need to have Add-In environment configured on your On-Premise farm.

New Product: ShortPoint Offline Add-In.

Offline Add-In is for customers who do not want to install farm solutions on their servers. Also, their servers are entirely discontented from the Internet (inbound or outbound).

ShortPoint Add-In require the internet to load ShortPoint static assets from our content delivery network, and license activation. The Offline Add-In and our SharePoint Solutions do not need internet access at all.



  • New column “Item Dialog URL” that will contain a URL to library item, but will not show site header, site logo or side navigation, useful to be used with lightbox linking option
  • Added Document Preview custom field for document library
  • New linking option “dialog”, that will update item URL, to hide site header, site logo or side navigation, this option will be useful when linking to items that are inside SharePoint or Office365, while when used with external links, it will do nothing.
  • Animation: no need to add ‘s’ for seconds in delay and duration options
  • Animations:
    • added a few new animation styles
    • added categories to animation select box in Inserter
    • added animation example demonstration after selecting in the inserter
  • Improved Loading time and caching by moving ShortPoint files to the CDN
  • ShortPoint Connect: lazy-loading connection data only after Connect Panel expand
  • Display site & list URL as a tooltip in edit mode


  • Added paddings to columns inside rows in ShortPoint Display
  • Adding a custom CSS link in Change the look page was not working
  • After Microsoft recent updates to the Document Library look and feel, when those Document Libraries are opened inside a lightbox dialog, the background will appear in black, and content will be unreadable.
  • Background: fixed padding non-working on IE
  • Background: fixed youtube video background overlapped background content on IE
  • Fixed “Check out” in edit mode broke ShortPoint Display
  • Fixed “Save and keep editing” button broke ShortPoint Display
  • Fixed generated CSS not clearing on navigation (performance improvement)
  • Fixed referencing non-existing file: select2x2.png
  • Fixed removing lines between ShortPoints in Display would result removing the add new line/space buttons from both sides
  • Fixed subfolders support for ShortPoint Connect
  • Image Titles: fixed image positioning vertical positioning on large resolution screens
  • In ShortPoint Generator, if the name of ShortPoint contains one uppercase letter, ShortPoint will become uneditable.
  • Tiles: fixed clunky flip-style on IE
  • Tiles: fixed background color issue on style Flip
  • Items shown in dialogs appear very close to dialog edges, so a little space added around
  • Libraries when shown in dialogs, their content will not be readable because of dialogs default black background color
  • Tiles: fix responsiveness after page saves on IE/FF
  • Tiles: fixed non-working URLs for images
  • Row/Columns: Fix layout when other elements are in the row
  • Fixed a performance issue that causes the page to hang when content has many spaces or break lines
  • Animate: fixed extra space when placed at the end of page
  • Column – Fixed enormous height of some elements (images, videos) inside column on IE (Office 365)
  • Column: fixed the last column is wider than the rest
  • Panel: remove opacity if subtitle-color was specified directly
  • Ticker: fix border-radius was not applied to left side of default ticker
  • Fix some tooltips in inserter was not shown completely
  • Fixed editing old Connected ShortPoints was broken

Minor Update – Date: 8, February 2016


  • Dates List: fixed whole date was displayed instead of day of month
  • Tiles and masonry layout: fix page hangs on size small
  • Background ShortPoint is broken on IE
  • When ShortPoint fails to execute, all following ShortPoint elements will fail to render as well
  • Events – Panel style is broken when Events ShortPoint has a link all option or an icon
  • Dynamic ShortPoints breaks when its content contains escaped quotations
  • Installation fails when installing App on SharePoint Server 2013
  • Counter Box – Could not add a transparent background color
  • Background – Fixed horizontal scrollbar appear on IE11 and Firefox
  • Column – Fixed enormous height of some elements (images, videos) inside column

Major Update – Date: 24, January 2016


  • Panel: A completely new version of panels with many options and styles.
  • Row – New options has been added:
    • height: Add 100% for example, and the row along with all columns will fill the whole screen height
    • separator: if you selected “none”, then there will be no space between columns
    • paddings: control the inner content spacing in each column
  • Column – new options
    • Height: by default, the height will be same as the row height. Add 100% for example, and the column will fill the whole screen height
    • image: add an image as column background
    • video: add video as column background
    • color: make the column with solid background
    • Color-Transparency: value 0.5 will make the color transparent. Useful when combined with video or image
    • Padding: By default, the value will be same as the row padding. Control the inner content spacing in the column
  • ID / Class fields have been added for every shortpoint element in the inserter, for advanced flexibility and control by designers.
  • Tiles: Has new layout option now called: Masonry
  • Counter Boxes – new Shortpoint used to show KPIs, Facts, Numbers in animated counter boxes with icons
  • Simple Lists – New ShortPoint used to list anything in simple view
  • Date Lists – New ShortPoint used to list anything with a date on the left or right.
  • Icon Lists – New ShortPoint used to list anything with an icon on the left or right.
  • File Lists – New ShortPoint used to list documents. The icon will be displayed based on document type
  • Image Lists – New ShortPoint used to list anything with the image on the left or right.
  • Deprecated old version of Tiles / Accordions & Tabs ( user is still able to edit existing ones, but not adding any new ShortPoints, for adding new ShortPoints, user can use the new version of Tiles / Accordions & Tabs which are more mature and has better features )
  • Image Carousel: Added new border-color


  • Alert icon misplaced when connected to list with column of type Rich Text
  • Row alignment option propagates to columns
  • Fix slideshow height and full width for slideshows with only one slide
  • Fix background color with transparency with video
  • Help messages were not working in Connect to SharePoint panel
  • Some demo links in inserter were invalid
  • Panel – subtitle size/color is not driven by titles
  • All Lists: no icon style – letter: letter not bold
  • Dates List mini bar: on hover mini-bar color should be changed
  • Dates List bar: separator none is fixed
  • Dates list: Fixed date parsing
  • Dates list: bar style should not have spacing by default
  • Counter Boxes: appearance is broken when no icon is provided
  • Panel – subtitle aligned with title & icon
  • Panel – icon should inherit title size & color
  • display – row/column should show a scrollbar when content width exceeds specified column width
  • Panel when height is set, scrollable area will be shown even if not needed
  • Generator – Insert / Edit buttons are off screen, and sometimes inaccessible


  • ShortPoint detects page save event dynamically – Sometimes saving SharePoint page will not kickstart ShortPoint replacement engine
  • Renamed ShortPoint Connect panel into Connect to SharePoint
  • Connect to SharePoint panel is opened by default
  • Added a demo button link in Connect to SharePoint panel
  • Standardize background alignment code options ( vertical-alignment instead of vertical-align, and alignment instead of aligning ), old alignment code options are now deprecated but will keep working.
  • All Lists: default value for icon-size, date-size, image-size changed from 1 to 3
  • Dates list bar: title and date not bold by default
  • Update Panel height option help message in inserter to indicate percentage values

Minor Update – Date: 13, December, 2015


  • new style “solid”
  • new options: responsive, icons, setting active / inactive tab state colors, text size.


  • [Display] – edit ShortPoint not working on iPad
  • [Connect] Enhanced Rich Text Column rendered as plain text
  • [Tiles] – fixes responsiveness bug
  • [background] – on touch devices parallax background keeps content hidden
  • – fixes text overflow problems
  • – default style should not have ‘inactive-tab-color’ default value
  • [background] – when image + video is provided, they appear overlapped


  • [background] – image fallback support when fail to load video background
  • [background] – default height value updated to 25%
  • [slideshow] – default height value updated to 25%

Major Update – Date: 16, November, 2015


  • countdown – adding multiple language support ( English, Arabic, Ukrainian, Spanish, French & Dutch )
  • New Froala rich text editor in shortpoint inserter


  • Edit shortpoint displays that has “ms-rte-wpbox” class is broken


  • [Security] – passing user preferences using safer methods
  • [Security] – parsing ShortPoint options using safer methods
  • [Security] – securing user input on generator page
  • [Security] – securing user input on change the look page
  • [Security] – app web css / js files are obfuscated

Minor Update – Date: 28, October, 2015


  • Inserter cannot be scrolled on iPad
  • [BUG] in case of installation error the message should be “Installation has failed” instead of “Installation has been failed”
  • Fixed Tiles responsive not working when spacing is 0
  • Fixed Tiles border radius when spacing is 0
  • Image Carousels missing Link field in inserter


  • [Performance] – Accordions / Toggles rendering is drastically slow, when it has too many items

Minor Update – Date: 24, September, 2015


  • ShortPoint Connect now use list view filtering, sorting and item limit
  • ShortPoint Logger experimental feature. More info below!
  • New ShortPoint “Templates”
  • New ShortPoint “Events.”
  • Included third party software licenses file in dashboard page


  • Show proper date format of the Events ShortPoint
  • Events ShortPoint some date headers are not shown
  • Panel when connected to SharePoint list is broken
  • Web Parts does not work inside ShortPoint display
  • Edit a Dynamic ShortPoint quickly, will not show connected SharePoint List / View
  • When SharePoint list was removed, the pages that contain shortpoint connected to the deleted list will throw exception
  • When content contains single quotation, ShortPoint will be broken
  • Display is editable inside a content editor web part, even when the web part itself is not in edit mode


  • Events ShortPoint added full date as a tooltip
  • When to connect fails to retrieve SharePoint lists, exceptions are logged to the browser console

Major Update – Date: 20, August 2015


Meet ShortPoint Connect Feature. Connect any element with any SharePoint list

# IMPORTANT: ShortPoint Generator has some stability issues with this release. If you faced any issue with Generator, please let us know. However, a new enhanced generator feature will be included in the upcoming release.


  • New Ticker ShortPoint
  • New Image Carousel ShortPoint (the demo page on our website has some issues, but should work perfectly on SharePoint)
  • New Image Titles ShortPoint (the demo page on our website has some issues, but should work perfectly on SharePoint)
  • app version number is displayed in the dashboard page
  • [experimental] User can put any hex color code in all color fields in inserter ( example: 333, 333333 or #333333 )


  • Tile title border sometimes is inherited from the website
  • Tile: fixed responsiveness on some themes
  • Tile: Fixed border issue
  • Inserter breaks secondary save button at right side of SharePoint menu
  • Dynamic 2.0 feature fixed
  • fixed issue: reinstallation is required message doesn’t appear on a subsite
  • inserter close button style was shifted to the center
  • fixed issue: the reinstallation tile is not red when a new upgrade is required
  • generator issue on a subsite fixed
  • fixed date formatting for Dynamic 2.0
  • replacement engine will not break web parts / app parts in view mode when placed inside a ShortPoint
  • ShortPoint code sometimes will be shown to end user when adding Web Parts / App Parts to the page
  • ShortPoint Dynamic 2.0 implementing extra fields for Document Library, Picture Library, Assets Library
  • fixed background extra space on full screen
  • fixed slideshow breaking page on full screen
  • text-shows shortpoint was not working
  • fix abbreviation demo page broke markup
  • some of the animations were not working
  • fixed [Bug] – [Dynamic] Picture URL column type is not passed correctly
  • table-dynamic breaks when using the first row as a header, and one of its columns is numeric
  • tiles image does not work when image URL is absolute and contains some spaces ( e.g., /Images Path/tile background.jpg )
  • in edit mode, in some cases, shortpoints display will break when user have nested shortpoints and tries to edit them multiple times
  • rich text editor was not working in inserter in generator page
  • fix the issue with ShortPoints generator


  • Accordions / Toggles they many items, will not look sluggish while rendering
  • Boolean options in code output are attribute-name=value instead of value
  • cleaned button demo page markup
  • add animation samples on column demo page
  • Background / Slideshow height in percentage is considered relatively to the viewport height ( 100% will fill the whole screen height, while 50% will fill only the half )
  • Updated background demo page to include example of height in percentage
  • Slideshow display will show the word “slideshow” when there’s no title or description provided

Minor Update – Date: 26, July 2015



  • tiles-dynamic horizontal alignment was not working
  • animation show-on-init in row / column not working
  • Table header should show the SharePoint column display name and not internal name
  • the SharePoint list column names in the inserter is showing internal name and not display names. for example, the title is alway LinkXX
  • update toggles / accordion options in inserter
  • update shortpoint engine in parsing engine
  • tall Tile with image – image became three
  • Tile Sarah style description bad position
  • inserter could not parse non-self closing shortpoint ( code mode )
  • popover content field is not working in display
  • Fixed Column responsive extra-padding
  • Display loses dynamic attribute value on page save
  • Add the web part button on IE not working
  • animation with no duration option set was too fast
  • Tiles: fixed color-transparency option propagation from parent to children
  • generated shortpoints by generator content is empty
  • Replacement engine will remove wrapper element around child shortpoints


  • resources will be cached for every new version
  • display enabled by default
  • Tile Bordered style: made title fill space
  • Hiding the web part content in inserter
  • Update demo project to include new styles of tiles, and new slideshow shortpoint

Minor Update – Date: 3, July 2015

#NEW for Tiles

  • Responsive – titles will resize automatically to fit their container. remember to switch it on first from the inserter.
  • Image – Add images as tile background
  • New styles: Bordered, Flat and Sarah (for images)
  • Color Transparency: Add color and make it transparent to show the image behind colored
  • Shape: Wide and Tall
  • Control the text and icon colors
  • Control the size of title and description
  • Lightbox: New linking option to open tile link in lightbox window
  • Blur effect for images
  • Spacing: control the spaces between tiles
  • Many fixes and general improvements


  • a new version of tiles shortpoint
  • update notification in ShortPoint Dashboard


  • edit mode detection for web part pages
  • uninstall tile title in the dashboard
  • internal lists removing when uninstalling the app
  • remove edit button from the ribbon
  • remove link / unlink formatting options from TinyMCE
  • inserter does not open in IE when the cursor is not activated
  • tiles – the user should be able to edit title & description in inserter only
  • tiles on Safari OSX overlap each other
  • tiles background does not show when opacity is omitted
  • dynamic shortpoints does not read image/link columns
  • tiles horizontal alignment was not working
  • tiles in dashboard pages will appear stuck to each other


  • display source/view in dynamic displays
  • can’t add elements to the top of the page
  • tiles – show title and description in edit
  • performance improvement: caching resources after the first request

Major Update – Date: 21, June 2015

The Release Of ShortPoint Add-in (Our SharePoint App)

Upcoming Features

Responsive SharePoint Update

We will upgrade the framework we are using to make SharePoint sites responsive.

Before and After Rows and Sections

You will be able to control the spaces between rows and sections. Add fancy section dividers and more.

## Mega Menu

Finally we get the time to focus on this. Get ready guys, the best menu style for SharePoint is coming.

New ShortPoints

ShortPoint Social Pack. Content Boxes, Responsive Image, Text ShortPoint, Icon Boxes, Call to actions and new button styles

Filter Toolbar

Add filter toolbar to the top of any connected ShortPoint to let the users filter the items on the pages.

Minor Issues

This is the list of known and issues we are still working on.

List updated Aug, 14, 2016

Why are we listing issues?

First of all, all issues here are very minor, and most of them rarely happen while designing only.

We hate this page so much. We will not have good rest until we solve everything here, and delete this page. This is the list of issues we are working on. We believe we have to publish all known issues with our masterpiece to our awesome community.

Issues you might face while designing Only

You should not face any issue while designing if you use all browsers, except IE11 and Firefox.


No Issues in these browsers

Issue happen with these browsers

SP-410 Picture Library Web Part does not reflect correctly when it is inserted inside Background ShortPoint. Learn More >

Solution: Use Tiles ShortPoint to show images on top of Background ShortPoint

Internet Explorer, Edge

Chrome, Opera, Firefox

SP-451 “Add Space After / Before” action sometimes add two lines in Internet Explorer  11. Learn More >

Solution: Remove the extra spaces manually

Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera

Internet Explorer

SP-423 When developer tools are open Internet Explorer hangs.

Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera

Internet Explorer
SP-851 ShortPoints in edit sometimes can have a frame in Internet Explorer 11. Learn More >

 Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera

Internet Explorer

SP-817 Grayscale, Blur, Parallax effects do not work in Internet Explorer and Edge. Learn More >  Firefox, Chrome, Opera  Internet Explorer, Edge

General Minor Issues

  • SP-62 When SharePoint list is renamed ShortPoints connected to it will not reflect the change automatically. Disconnect and Connect the ShortPoint again
  • SP-910 ShortPoint Connect doesn’t work properly if any SharePoint List in the site is damaged. Remove the damaged list. Learn More >
  • SP-911 A list with ShortPoints in the rich content column will break other ShortPoints. Adding ShortPoints inside Rich Text Column is not supported yet. Learn More >
  • SP-1232 Preview for Table is blank in Generator Learn More >

If you faced any other issue or have any question, please send us email at [email protected]