Support Level Agreement

You will get support from the talented engineers and designers behind ShortPoint technology

99% of our requests are answered within 24 hours. Support is unlimited!

Our support is automated, tracked, monitored and powered by FreshDesk

We will provide support in (not limited to):

  • How to use ShortPoint Product
  • UI Design and UX consultation
  • ShortPoint Issues and bug fixes
  • Help in installing ShortPoint upgrades
  • Notifications about new releases, webinars, and new features

Submit Issues and Inquiries by sending email to [email protected]

Manuals, Documentation, and release

Coverage of Support

ShortPoint will provide Support, where appropriate, to the customer, which shall include the following actions:

  • Receive technical questions;
  • Analyze respective technical issues and provide answers to customer;
  • Assist in solving issues that may arise concerning the operation and use of product that cannot be resolved by the client;
  • Solve technical problems

Support does not include in particular the following items and actions:

  • The customer is using shared user account as the ShortPoint user. This account is used by many employees as a workaround to avoid purchasing more than one ShortPoint User License.
  • Product that is not the current/latest release available on the website
  • Modification of software base code, custom code, security policy configuration, audits and security design;
  • Support or troubleshooting of base server and/or OS installation;
  • Software development kit.
  • SAP, SharePoint and Office 365 configuration, development, administration, installation or any tasks that are not related to ShortPoint

Hours of Availability

In general, we are available all the time. And if anything urgent, we will respond as quickly as possible.

  • Dubai Team 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (GMT+4) Sunday through Thursday
  • Ukraine & Jordan Teams 9:00 am to 10:00 pm (GMT+3) Monday through Friday

Support Channels

If the end user has found an issue or wanted to get help with his questions, he can refer to the following support channels:

Software Defects


A Software Defect will be defined as any functionality, behavior, or feature found in the software that is demonstrably not functionality, behavior, or feature defined in good faith to the intention of the Scope of Work or any supporting documentation delivered by ShortPoint for the Software.

Minor Software Defects

A Software Defect that is not critically impacting business productivity will be considered a Minor Software Defect.

Major Software Defects

A Software Defect that is critically impacting business productivity will be considered a Major Software Defect as following:

  • The solution hangs, aborts, is inoperable, or customer is unable to perform essential business functions using the software, or
  • There is unrecoverable data loss, or
  • The solution executes instructions but incorrect results are encountered.

Response Times

Response Time

All requests will be responded to with a confirmation of receipt of the request within one hour

Minor Software Defects

A request determined to be a Minor Software Defect by a ShortPoint support personnel will be investigated and fixed. The fix will be included in the upcoming scheduled product release. Customer will be informed and asked whether they can wait until next release, or send them a hotfix if possible.

Major Software Defects

A ShortPoint support personnel will respond to requests that are stated to be a Major Software Defect within (1) business day of receiving the request. A request determined to be a Major Software Defect by a ShortPoint support personnel will be investigated and fixed within five (5) business days from the date that the ShortPoint support personnel responded to the request. If a hotfix for the defect is possible, we will send it to the customer within one business day. All business days should be within the predefined “Hours of Availability” schedule.

Expert Opinion

Requests that are stated to be a Major Software Defect and determined to be a Minor Software Defect by a ShortPoint support personnel will follow the provisions defined under Section Minor Software Defects

Other Requests

All other requests will be responded to within three (3) business days. All business days should be within the predefined “Hours of Availability” schedule.

The failure of the Customer to provide all and any requested information (by any requested means) may hinder ShortPoint as the case may be in its ability to bring resolution to an issue in a timely fashion.

Software Defect Closure

All parties involved must make timely efforts. If communication from customer ceases without notice, after five (5) business days, ShortPoint may, upon notice, close a respective software defect due to inactivity on the part of the customer. A software defect may be reopened within thirty (30) consecutive days of closure. Once a software defect is closed for 30 consecutive days, this issue will be considered permanently closed, and it cannot be reopened. If further work is necessary, a new software defect will be opened, and all pertinent materials may need to be resubmitted before work can continue.

Troubleshooting Methods

Whenever an issue happened with a customer, the following methods can be followed to troubleshoot the issue, and help in finding a resolution to the customer’s case:

ShortPoint Logger File

To gather as much information from the customer who is facing an issue with ShortPoint with the minimum communication efforts, we usually ask them to provide us with a ShortPoint Logger File, from this simple file; Support Engineers will be able to know the following:

  • Product version number
  • Customer’s operating system
  • Browser type and version
  • Full content of the page that contains the issue in edit mode
  • All JavaScript errors that were logged to the browser console
  • Internal product’s version number

It is good to note that as we troubleshoot more issues with customers, we keep updating ShortPoint Logger file to include any extra data that will benefit our Support Engineers to investigate issues and to quickly know the cause of these issues.

Browser Console File

In case the issue is caused by JavaScript errors that were not captured by the Logger File ( e.g: error happens before ShortPoint library gets loaded ), we ask the customer to provide us with the browser Console File.

Server Log Files

SharePoint Only: If ShortPoint is installed into an on-premise server ( e.g: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016), in some cases we may ask for the platform log files, as ShortPoint will log exceptions and error data to the same platform log files.

Site Sharing

In case that ShortPoint is installed into a cloud platform (SAP Cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint Online), we may ask the customer if it is appropriate to provide ShortPoint Support engineers with temporary access to the site page that contains the incident, so they can troubleshoot the issue on the spot without constantly asking the customer for information about the issue.

Online Meeting

If all kind of logger files did not help, ShortPoint Support Engineers might request a quick online meeting, to investigate the issue further, during the online meeting, the customer might be asked to share his screen, grant remote access to let our support engineers gather more information about the incident. Also while screen sharing is active, Support Engineer might take some screenshots after asking the customer for his permission to share such information.

Screenshots and Screen Recordings

After asking the customer for permission, a screenshot or a recording of how the issue was reproduced on the customer’s environment can also be helpful to investigate the issue with customers.

Maintenance and Upgrades


New major release notification will be sent to the customer in quarterly basis or whenever available.

Software Maintenance Rules

Software maintenance provides access to modifications, corrections, and/or updates to the respective software; including as the case may be in particular:

  • Hotfixes, service packs, feature packs, and/or major upgrades, provided to Customer primarily via website or by other means designated by ShortPoint;
  • The right for the Customer to receive all new releases of the respective software; these releases are intended to correct errors, support new releases of SAP Portal and SharePoint with which the respective software is designed to operate, add significant functional capability, or provide other incidental updates and/or corrections.
  • Electing to not renew maintenance and support plan, or Renew OnDemand licenses subscription by the due date will result in loss of access to any new features. Moreover, will result to lose any discount given and new pricing will be applied when renewing.


Reporting Errors not related to ShortPoint

Upon working the software defect if at any point ShortPoint believes that a problem reported by Customer may not be due to an error in the product, ShortPoint will notify Customer of such a fact without any delay.

ShortPoint shall have no obligation to support

  • The customer is associating shared, admin or system account(s) with the ShortPoint User License. In such case, it may result to suspend ShortPoint support and license(s).
  • Altered, damaged, or modified product or any portion of the product incorporated with or into other software not specifically approved by the vendor of the software;
  • Product that is not the current major release or maintenance release;
  • Custom code components added to product;
  • Product problems caused by Customer negligence, misuse, or misapplication, use of product other than as specified in the software user manual, or in any other causes beyond the control of ShortPoint;
  • Product installed on any computer hardware that is not supported by the software;
  • Product not purchased from ShortPoint or Authorized Partners and resellers
  • For Infinity licenses: Customer support and maintenance plan has expired without renewal
  • For OnDemand licenses: Customers does not have a valid OnDemand license or did not renew

Product Change Requests

Customers can request for new features using this link. Then ShortPoint team will evaluate and accept or reject the new request.

Hardware Exclusion

Exclude the physical hardware, physical networking components, and pre-existing software that the software interacted with to provide functionality but was not created, provided, or deployed by ShortPoint to the environment where the Software operates.

Third-Party Exclusion

Exclude any third-party services that the software interacts with to provide functionality that is operated by third-party service providers.

SAP Cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint Environments Configuration, Administration, and Development

The support does not include any activities on customer’s SAP Cloud, Office 365 and SharePoint environments that are not related to ShortPoint.