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Copy & Paste Design Elements

ShortPoint's Copy & Paste feature allows you to mix and match existing elements for infinite possibilities for your SharePoint Intranet Designs!

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Design easy intranet websites with custom SharePoint layouts and functionality. ShortPoint integrates into your existing SharePoint or Microsoft Teams intranet sites.

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Copy & Paste

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Features you’ll love

Our powerful tools make it easy to build and update intranet pages without needing a designer.

Page Builder

Build Amazing Intranet Pages

Captivate and engage your audience with modern and attractive site and page designs


Apply Brand Identity

Promote your company brand and culture using multiple site customization options


Connect to Multiple Resources

Increase productivity by providing easy access to business applications and resources


Design Pages Fast With Templates

Take professionally-designed templates and customize them however you want to achieve the best intranet for your organization

Safe. Secure. Private.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing
SharePoint and Office 365 environment
meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

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