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Current version: for Microsoft Teams

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May 11, 2021

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Use the Design Kit to get you started:

Installing ShortPoint onto your Microsoft Teams will take just a couple of minutes. ShortPoint is a 100% JavaScript and CSS product and the installation will just add a reference to these files into your Teams app. Not a single file in your environment will be changed.

Step one

Upload the ShortPoint App to Tenant App Catalog

Upload the ShortPoint App for Teams to your Tenant App Catalog in Office 365

Step two

Upload the ShortPoint App to the Teams Apps Catalog

Open the Page Builder editor by clicking on the Insert Button. You will see many different elements you can use. All of them are categorized.

Step three

Add the ShortPoint Tab to your Teams channel

Open Microsft Teams, navigate to the Teams tab, select a channel. Click the + button to open the available apps, select ShortPoint, press Add and Save.

Safe. Secure. Private.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing intranet platform meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

ShortPoint is
Private. Secure. Trusted.

ShortPoint runs entirely within your existing SharePoint and Office 365 environment meaning you can enjoy total peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the Teams tab content stored when using ShortPoint to create a new tab?

Every team in MS Teams has a SharePoint Site Collection associated on the background. In the Teams tab you can see a SharePoint page with a ShortPoint web part added to it. The content of the tab is saved on the SharePoint site associated with that team.

Can I use ShortPoint Theme Builder in Microsoft Teams?

No, there is no Theme Builder available in ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams. However, you are able to control the colors of the tab using the Appearance settings.

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Need help with Installation?

Our Team is on stand by to help you in getting ShortPoint installed perfectly in your environment and answer all your questions.

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