Copy Paste Feature Tutorial

Copy and Paste
Your First ShortPoint Exercise

Looking for some SharePoint site examples to get inspiration from? Want to Copy and Paste your favorite designs for your own intranet? Here’s the first exercise you can do to get started with ShortPoint:

Step 1: Visit ShortPoint Demos Website


The site contains many examples we created using ShortPoint. Spend some time navigating through pages.

If you like any sample, you can copy and paste directly into your page. Navigate to any page you want.

Step 2: Copy Page

At the top of every Demo Page you will see the “Copy” button that will copy the entire page design

Or you can copy any part of the page

Step 3: Paste in SharePoint Page

In Classic SharePoint Page

In Modern SharePoint Page

Step 4: Save Your Page

In Classic SharePoint Page

In Modern SharePoint Page

Step 5: Edit Whatever You Want

After you paste the page design, simply customize every single element how you want by using ShortPoint Page Builder.

The fastest solution in the world to publish gorgeous intranet pages. We will upload more intranet demos and all you have to do is: Copy and Paste.

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