Best SharePoint Communication Page Designs for your Organization

As an organization, you have your own set of culture, values, services, and purposes. The same rings true for your intranet. SharePoint homepage designs should cater to the unique challenges and needs of your specific industry. An industry-specific intranet can enhance collaboration and efficiency. Most importantly, as intranets serve to connect your employees and keep everyone involved, a well designed, industry-specific intranet can serve as a powerful tool that supports your organization's goals and contributes to your overall success.

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April 2022

Importance of Industry-Specific SharePoint Home Page Designs

Wondering why your internal SharePoint site should be designed based on your industry? Well, that’s because no single industry is the same! A transport-focused organization will not have the same needs as a healthcare-focused organization. We’ve compiled for you some reasons why industry-specific intranets are important:

Features Tools Relevant to your Industry

An industry-specific intranet has specific tools and features that are directly relevant to your business sector. For example, a healthcare intranet may have a patient tracker that doctors can use to see which patients they will be treating on a given day. A real-estate intranet, on the other hand, may track entirely different information, pertaining to the housing market and upcoming appointments. If your intranet caters to your industry, you will be able to have tools that are directly relevant to the workflows, processes and requirements of your business sector. This will allow your employees to become more productive and successful as they fulfill their roles.

Allows Adherence to Industry-related Regulations

Each industry must comply to various requirements and regulations. By designing an intranet with these specific considerations in mind, you can easily include features that manage compliance, track regulatory changes, and ensure that employees are aware of and adhere to these industry-specific rules and standards.

Increases User Engagement

Healthcare employees will have different needs from tech employees. Employees are more likely to engage with an intranet that is designed to improve their work experience. An engaged employee directly affects company performance and the overall success of your organization.

Top 5 Internal SharePoint Site Examples for your HR SharePoint Sites

Great SharePoint Sites for your Business Sector

Don’t know where to start on your intranet design journey? No worries! You have ShortPoint to help you create great SharePoint sites tailored to your specific industry. We have a wide-selection of design templates that caters to different business sectors. Continue reading to see the best SharePoint Communication Page Designs made especially for you by our team of design experts.

Expert-Designed Intranet Designs

Best SharePoint Intranet Site Designs

This design template is a great example of a transportation intranet. It contains sections that allow your employees to track schedules and events. It also features news and announcements that you can use to give important organizational updates. In addition, it has a directory of documents that your users can easily access.

HR SharePoint site example for Homepage

This template is a must-have for educators. It has a quick-access section that allows them to easily navigate the different pages of your intranet. It also showcases schedules, faculty information, and basic data about students. To top it off, teachers will have easy access to documents or resource materials they may need.

Internal SharePoint site example for company policy

This healthcare intranet structure example paves the way for easy information sharing, which will allow you to support every staff member in their roles. It contains quick links to resources any healthcare employee may need to accomplish their tasks. In addition, it showcases an overview of patient data and important organizational events.

SharePoint Communication site example for news

This is a great example of a legal sector intranet. In just a glance, your employees will be able to access the information they need. News, updates, and documents are showcased in separate sections, providing a clean look for the intranet despite the huge amount of data it contains.

HR SharePoint site example for documents

This design contains a great overview of all the properties that real estate agents need to access. Each property listing contains basic information including address and date & time of sale. Agents can even see a map that details the exact location of the property. Furthermore, major events and announcements are showcased for easy viewing.

HR SharePoint site example for documents

This design template is a great hub for information and knowledge sharing. It allows you to categorize the news and updates you need to showcase, making way for easier user navigation and data intake. To top it off, it contains quick-access links that your employees can click to learn more about the resource they need.

Designing your Internal SharePoint Sites

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