Modern SharePoint Intranet Designs That Work

Before you dive into designing your organization's intranet, let's look at some key aspects of an effective and best-looking SharePoint site. No need to do your own research – we've got the list of all you need to consider to achieve an effective intranet design.

Let us walk you through some of the most basic components and show you intranet samples to help you out.

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What Effective and Great-Looking SharePoint Sites
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Intranet designs can differ drastically based on what you're looking to achieve. Let's dive right in by breaking things down into the absolute essentials that your project will need to be successful.

  • Your site must represent your organization’s brand identity really well. If you have strict branding guidelines, follow them religiously by setting your site’s color theme, fonts and typography, logo, and other details. You want all visitors to the site to know immediately that they have arrived at the right place.
  • Your site must have seamless navigation between site collections, pages, libraries, lists and applications. All the necessary information and tools should be accessible through well-designed navigation menus, links, footers, and more. Any visitor to your site should be able to find what they are looking for, immediately.
  • All pages must have balanced and organized content. Properly curated content should be displayed in a variety of ways that keep the user engaged, promote interaction and deliver value.
  • Your site should connect users with the information they require by utilizing practical integrations. This is key as they help your users to be constantly connected with the data that they need for their day-to-day work.
  • Deliver excellent user experience through a usable, readable and value-adding intranet site. This includes ensuring that all pages are designed to be responsive to mobile devices, maintain optimized site performance, and be accessible to all.
Top 5 Internal SharePoint Site Examples for your HR SharePoint Sites

Get Excellent SharePoint Intranet Examples
With ShortPoint

Designing an excellent SharePoint site may seem like a lot, but ShortPoint can do the heavy lifting for you. Select from a variety of page and section templates created by our design experts specifically with the essentials in mind. These SharePoint intranet examples are flexible and easily customizable to fit any requirement you may have.

Besides being an excellent tool for SharePoint design, ShortPoint also comes with other tools that help you achieve the exact SharePoint design your company needs.
With Theme Builder, you can easily set your site’s color theme, fonts, typography and more according to brand. You can also update your site’s header and menus as well as insert a custom footer. Connect allows you to integrate Microsoft 365 applications, internal and external data sources, other applications, and so much more. You can also make sure your site is fully accessible using our Accessibility feature.

Expert-Designed Intranet Designs

Best SharePoint Intranet Site Designs

This intranet design example shows a balanced use of images and text that guides the flow between sections. It has the right amount of text and images that keeps it modern and interesting for users. It also has a number of interactive components that helps in engaging the users of the site.

HR SharePoint site example for Homepage

Whether it's organizational news, document libraries, external lists, group calendars, and other data sources, you can incorporate them into your SharePoint intranet design with ShortPoint Connect. In this intranet example, you will find how these information can be presented on the page. All of the important data that is easily accessible to your end users.

Internal SharePoint site example for company policy

Great user experience is first priority and this is only achieved with the right fundamentals applied to an intranet site. In this intranet example, you will find focused content with engaging sections, interesting highlights, readable text, and usable elements.

SharePoint Communication site example for news

Here is another SharePoint site example that has curated and organized content. Users can use the site with ease and all necessary information is available at one glance. It is refreshing and evokes a feeling of anticipation for when they will travel to the offered destinations. If the user prefers to dive deeper and get more data, they can interact with the page to do so.

HR SharePoint site example for documents

ShortPoint has a collection of section templates that you can mix and match to build the best looking SharePoint site. In this intranet example, we put together several sections to complete all the content we need to display, integrations that add value to the page and a design that shows variety to keep the user engaged.

SharePoint Intranet Designs Built Faster with ShortPoint

By leveraging ShortPoint and its tools, you can design a great looking SharePoint intranet in no time. Start Designing with ShortPoint now by starting a 15-Day Free Trial.

ShortPoint provides you with:

  • a powerful add-on that covers everything and anything you need to build your SharePoint intranet
  • a wide selection of SharePoint intranet designs that are easy to customize
  • the best intranet design interface with over 60 Design Elements
  • a Theme Builder that makes it easy to apply your branding guidelines
  • a Connect feature that allows you to integrate Microsoft 365 and external resources
  • and, an AI-powered Accessibility tool to ensure your site is fully accessible to all users

Request for a trial or talk to our product experts to know more. Bring ShortPoint to your SharePoint and your intranet sites will never look the same again.

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