The Best SharePoint Intranet Examples to Inspire You In 2024

Why go through the trouble of creating your intranet from scratch when you can get access to the best SharePoint Intranet Examples that are readily adaptable and customizable to your needs?

There are many decisions that have to be made when designing the best SharePoint Intranet for your organization. You may have a list of requirements from your stakeholders, a set of branding guidelines that you need to follow, company communications policies, and more. On top of that, you have to make sure the site is appealing and useful for the end users. Luckily, our team of design experts at ShortPoint has already thought of a lot of these requirements for you.

In this article, we will list 10 intranet page examples that most of our customers have found to be great starting points when building their intranets. In addition, you can check out our ShortPoint Academy for more helpful tips about designing and customizing your SharePoint sites.

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It's important to note that all the intranet site examples for SharePoint we discuss in this article can be found in ShortPoint’s Templates Library.  Our library consists of a collection of expertly designed pages and sections that provide you with ideas and inspiration for your intranets. But it does not stop there! These templates can be added to your SharePoint pages and are easy to modify and customize according to your content and needs. Just simply install ShortPoint, copy and paste or choose from one of our integrated templates to get started!

With ShortPoint, you can mix and match different sections of these intranet page examples and put together the best intranet design for your organization. You can save time and effort in building your intranets without sacrificing their design and functionality.

Best SharePoint Intranet Sites

10 Best Intranet Page Examples You Can Use

Below you will find a series of the best SharePoint Intranet examples to serve as a starting point for your site. As you know, the needs and desires can vary from one company to another, so customizing the site simply is a must. Regardless, we hope that by looking at these example SharePoint sites for intranets, we can reduce the work of creating a complete site, down to only a few very efficient steps.

Example SharePoint Site for Intranet

Best SharePoint Intranet Example

A complete SharePoint intranet has a design that identifies with the company's branding at one glance. It also contains components that are important to all employees. This may include a section for easy access to tools, documents, sites that help in their day-to-day work, and more. It will also has sections that highlight crucial information for the awareness of all such as news, recognition, and events.

Best SharePoint Intranet

A company's intranet can also be simple yet impactful. One that has quick navigation to other parts of the site and a focus on the purpose and direction of the organization. It acts as a starting point for all interaction within the site.

Intranet Page Example Social

An intranet can also be used to highlight its social media presence and the conversation that happens in different platforms. An effective site will also bring into focus the goals of the company by communicating important metrics or key performance indicators.

Best SharePoint Intranet Example Department

If you're looking to create a department page, you should focus on connecting individuals with their work and team members. An impactful page should function as a hub for communication and awareness of what is happening within and outside the department.

Best SharePoint Intranet Example Technology

Maybe you're working to create a hub for all the latest news, updates, and relevant information that matters for your company with this intranet example. While creating this page, you should present all the information in one scroll through the site, so users can get a magazine style presentation of all communication that is important to them.

Best Intranet Example Healthcare

When you're working in the healthcare industry, it's crucial to make information about services and availability quickly to find is important for the healthcare industry. This SharePoint site is the hub of healthcare professionals where they can navigate to different departments within their organization quickly, see the events happening, have a quick view of their personnel, and more.

Best SharePoint Intranet Travel

If you're in the travel industry, you know that travel is all about the places that you go to - the scenic views, the local experiences, the best schedule of activities, seamless transport from one place to another, and more. This SharePoint site shows all of these with elegance and style that truly entices you to pack your bags and enjoy an eventful journey and it's easy to customize with ShortPoint.

Intranet Page Example Legal

If you're working in the legal field, your priorities for information may differ from industries like healthcare or travel. As you can see in this design, crucial information is front and center, showcasing both schedules and company news that is relevant to your organization. There is a no-fuss design for its schedules and a quick view of legal documents essential for their daily proceedings.

Intranet Site Example SharePoint Real Estate

In this SharePoint site example, we highlight what may be important for a real estate organization. In this design you will find property information - images, descriptions, location, and other pertinent data. Having the complete information about prime locations is extremely important when helping clients find the best location for their needs!

Best SharePoint Intranet Transport

Here is an example of an airline company's intranet design. In this design, we show how multiple links can be presented through a simple list, which is exceptionally important when there is a lot of information to cover. Events, such as flight cancellations and schedules, are presented so that the crew are informed in real time, which is likely why so many companies in this industry use this specific template as a starting point for their internet design.

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