Best SharePoint Site Designs You Can Build With ShortPoint

Are you looking for ideas to inspire you in building the best SharePoint Intranet Sites for your organization?

Finding the most effective, engaging, and best SharePoint site designs that fit your requirements may be intimidating because they appear complex and hard to implement. However, ShortPoint has the perfect solution for you.

Whether you are creating a new SharePoint site from scratch or revamping the look of your old and clunky intranet site, we have the best SharePoint Designs for you. These designs are easy to put together and customize for SharePoint communication sites or team sites using ShortPoint.

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Building the best SharePoint Intranet Sites

The best SharePoint Intranet Sites perform as one of the crucial components of a company’s digital workplace. They promote communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and ultimately increased productivity, IF they are engaging and easy to use. As we all know, not every company works and operates the same, when you're looking to create the best SharePoint Intranet Site Design, it needs to meet all these requirements and at the same time should be flexible and customizable for any needs that are unique and add value.

So how can you create a site like this? How can one design meet all your needs? The simple answer is, it can't. Your SharePoint site needs to be easy to customize, easy to modify and easy to setup. That's where ShortPoint's intranet site designs, come in.

ShortPoint provides you with all the tools you need to easily build the best SharePoint Sites and quickly achieve your goals. Don't worry, you don't need to search through a huge catalog of designs. ShortPoint provides the best SharePoint Intranet examples directly in our platform, that you can modify and make your own.

Best SharePoint Intranet Sites

Apply the best SharePoint Designs
to your Intranet using ShortPoint

ShortPoint has a library of the best SharePoint Designs that fit any requirement your company may have for your intranet. When we say "easy to access" this is embedded in the product and all you have to do is select the best SharePoint Site Design that has all the components you need, insert it into your site, edit its contents, and customize it according to your needs. You can also choose from over 60 Design Elements that you can mix and match to add important content to your intranet pages. Customization is simple with ShortPoint.

When you are done designing what you think is the best SharePoint Site for your company, you can seamlessly copy and paste the design from one page to another and one site to another. Faster than you'd believe, you can launch the absolute best SharePoint Intranet sites with ShortPoint.

The Best SharePoint Site Designs

Here are some of the best SharePoint Site Designs you can build using ShortPoint. They are designed by our experienced design team and inspired by the latest trends. They are built to perform the functions that an intranet site must have and at the same time put the user’s experience and stunning design in the forefront. If you're interested in ShortPoint, you can start a 15-Day free trial and begin building your own designs now.

Best SharePoint Site Design for a Home Page

Best SharePoint Site Designs

A SharePoint Site's home page must capture the user's interest and engages them with its content. This design features a modern header that highlight's the intranet's purpose. It utilizes quick links to provide users immediate access to other sites or pages. The layout guides the user's eyes to the flow of content on the page and provides important information such as announcements and events.

Best SharePoint Intranet Sites

This intranet design is focused on interaction and communication. The user is encouraged to click on buttons that will lead them to information that they need. It is a play on blocks where images and text are playfully placed to catch the user's attention. This is perfect for a corporate page which is heavy with company communications and call to action.

Best SharePoint Designs

Teams pages revolve around their updates, tasks, schedules, and projects. Here, all these items are tastefully distributed across the page. Thumbnails and images are used as snippets to the content of the list. This is very useful when looking for specific information or content that a user needs to work on.

Best SharePoint Intranet Examples

Easy access to tools and resources is key when you have a knowledge-driven intranet site. There is dedicated space for news and announcements. This design also is a great example when utilizing different types of lists that show a variety of information.

Best SharePoint Intranet Site Designs

Bringing social media content into your intranet sites can fuel user engagement. These are all possible by using dedicated Design Elements catering to social media platforms. Add your company Facebook or Twitter feed to your site, monitor your social media metrices, and keep your users aware of your social media presence.

Start Building the Best SharePoint Intranet Sites Today With ShortPoint

Begin using the best SharePoint Site Designs today! Download ShortPoint now and experience the groundbreaking innovations in intranet site design.

ShortPoint provides you with:

  • a powerful add-on that covers everything and anything you need for intranet site design
  • a wide selection of the best SharePoint Designs you can modify and make your own
  • over 60 customizable Design Elements to suit any type of content
  • easy SharePoint site branding capabilities, and so much more

Request for a trial or talk to our product experts to know more. Bring ShortPoint to your SharePoint and your intranet sites will never look the same again.

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