Top 5 Internal SharePoint Site Examples for your HR SharePoint Sites

Designing an internal SharePoint site can be a daunting and challenging task, especially if you are trying to meet the requirements of a specific team or department in your company.

To help you, we’ve listed below some points to help you as you begin to craft an intranet department page. In addition, we've compiled 5 of the best HR SharePoint site examples you can use to easily build your page. If you're thinking, "I need more than just a template," don't worry, we are here to help! With one simple add-on, ShortPoint can turn anyone into a SharePoint designer!

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Designing Internal SharePoint sites for your business

When you're starting SharePoint design, it's important to keep in mind that good internal SharePoint site examples must have dedicated pages for each department within your company. A department page serves as the main hub where team members from a specific department can collaborate, it also can function as a great source for information for other team departments to learn more about the events, functions, or tasks.

Here are some of the things you need to consider to create the best Intranet department page examples:

Purpose of the page

Consider the main objective of the department page. Will it be used for information, collaboration, document sharing, even announcements, or any other functions? By identifying the purpose, you will be able to clearly see the specific components and elements that you need to add to your page.


You must identify the page’s target audience. Department members will have different needs from stakeholders and company members outside the team. A department page that tries to accommodate everyone can look cluttered and may be hard to navigate. Always take into consideration what specific things your audience will be doing on your page.

User Experience

Finally, you have to ensure ease of navigation. The information you add on your department page must be easy to find and use. Consider adding dedicated sections for each element you want to add to your page to avoid overwhelming your users.

If you're having issues or need somewhere to start, ShortPoint can help! We have tons of integrated templates and design elements ready to help you build out the exact page experience you need for your audience!

Top 5 Internal SharePoint Site Examples for your HR SharePoint Sites

Creating an HR SharePoint site

Now that you know what to consider when creating a specific department page, we will now hone in on one of the most important department page your Intranet site must have—the HR site.

HR sites serve as a centralized location not only for the HR department, but for every employee within your company. It contains resources that everyone will need to access one way or another to become productive members of your organization. If you're looking to create an HR page, below are some of the best HR SharePoint site examples that can help you start your design journey.

HR SharePoint site examples

HR SharePoint site example for Homepage

A good HR homepage serves as a quick overview of all the services that the HR Department offers. It must have access to all the essential functions that employees may need. For example, this design features a colorful header that has quick links to other HR pages including courses, help desk, meetings, and many more. It also highlights important documents and announcements employees may need to gain more information about the company.

Internal SharePoint site example for company policy

A company policy page is crucial to any HR SharePoint site because it lays out what is expected of employees and what they can expect from the company.  In this example, there is a dedicated space for each company policy document. Any employee can easily access what policy they need to look over. Furthermore, in case they need a quick overview, it has a section for company do’s and don’ts.

SharePoint Communication site example for news

It is important to keep employees up-to-date with the latest company news. This page design organizes all your news according to the category it belongs to, making it easier for your users to find the information they need. It also contains quick access links to other pages on your Intranet.

HR SharePoint site example for documents

It can be crucial to have a centralized location where your employees can access documents and see the events happening in your company. This layout compiles all your events and documents into neat categories and sections. It also has a dedicated countdown section for a specific event you may want to highlight. In just a glance, users will be able to see what they need without feeling overwhelmed.

Internal SharePoint site example for knowledge base

It is important, especially for new employees, to have a knowledge base that they can refer to when they first acclimate to the company’s culture. This page design features video walkthroughs and tutorials that users can watch or refer to whenever they may have questions about any company policy. It also has a dedicated FAQ section that the HR team can easily customize to answer common employee questions and concerns.

Creating a SharePoint Communication site

All the pages mentioned above are comprehensive and user-friendly SharePoint Communication site examples that can help build you the most impactful internal site for your company. In addition to these examples being great, they have all been easily designed using ShortPoint!

ShortPoint provides you with:

  • A wide-array of design templates that you can use to quickly build your page;
  • Over 60+ Design Elements you can mix and match to feature your content;
  • A user-friendly interface that allows you to immediately see your designs as you edit your page
  • Branding capabilities that will transform your page according to your organization’s needs, and so much more.

Download ShortPoint now or request a trial with our product experts to learn more about the amazing Intranets designs you can create.

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