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April 2022

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What's New?

ShortPoint Onboarding Checklist: Built to Guide New Users

Learning how to use a new application can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. Add to that the pressure to get things done quickly and efficiently to deliver quality results on time. Our team at ShortPoint has put this new user experience at the front and center of our focus this year.

In April, we implemented the ShortPoint Onboarding Checklist for new users that are trialing our intranet design solution. It is a quick list of the basic steps to learn how to use ShortPoint and get them to create their first stunning intranet page fast. It is a non-intrusive interface that provides new users a guide of the next steps they can complete to progress in exploring the product. It is a combination of automatic and manually-triggered completion of tasks that is both functional and ultimately a satisfying experience.

At each step, our colleague Oksana demonstrates how to complete the task and gives important details that set new users up for success in using ShortPoint to build engaging intranets. These are short-format videos that are easy to understand and made to guide users through every step.

If you are new to ShortPoint or are mentoring a new joiner in your team who has no experience with the product, we encourage you to recommend going through the Onboarding Checklist. It will help make onboarding seamless and impactful in producing great results.

Introducing Two New and Exciting Live Mode Improvements

Since ShortPoint started, we have been committed to creating new features and improvements that will enhance user experience. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce Isolate Mode and ShortPoint Templates, two new and exciting Live Mode improvements that will make designing in real-time even easier and more convenient.

Isolate Mode

Taking your real-time design experience to a whole new level, we have created Isolate Mode. Isolate Mode blurs parts of your SharePoint page, allowing you to focus on the designs you create using ShortPoint Page Builder. Since your focal point is on the Page Builder, you can now make smarter design choices without the distraction of other elements or buttons on your SharePoint page.

ShortPoint Templates

The ShortPoint templates you know and love in our Demos Library are now in ShortPoint Page Builder, making way for a much more convenient experience. This allows you to build your page within seconds without the hassle of leaving your SharePoint page. You can choose from a wide array of Section and Page designs, all of which are categorized according to their functions and types.

Learn more about these exciting improvements by checking out Entering ShortPoint Page Builder.

Tech Tip: Must-Use ShortPoint Features that Make Designing Easy

Designing with ShortPoint is easy and convenient. But with these 5 ShortPoint features, you can make your overall design experience even easier:

1. Choose from a wide selection of ready-to-use Design Templates

We understand that designing and customizing a page layout, Design Element, and other content takes time and effort. Because of this, we have created ShortPoint Demos Library just for you. 

Through ShortPoint Demos Library, you can get your page up and running within seconds. It has hundreds of pre-formatted templates that you can easily copy into your SharePoint sites for infinite design possibilities. Here, you can mix and match sections to create a page that meets the specific needs of your industry or even copy an entire page into your SharePoint site.

You can learn more about using ShortPoint Demos Library in How to Copy and Paste from ShortPoint Demos Library.

2. Create even and uniform spacing between Sections, Rows, and Design Elements

No one likes looking at uneven spaces in their SharePoint sites. With Hot Actions, you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

Hot Actions allows you to resize margins and paddings around Sections, Rows, and Design Elements through a simple click-and-drag action. You can readily see the changes you make in real-time and also duplicate spacing values, providing you with more control over the placement, size, and alignment of your content.

Learn more about Hot Actions by checking out ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Feature: Hot Actions.

3. Restore previous actions or unsaved changes

We know it can be frustrating to start from scratch when you make mistakes or when the page refreshes for any reason. ShortPoint has a History Window that automatically records all your actions, starting from the last saved state of the web part you are working on.

Through History Window, you can easily restore previous actions whenever you make a mistake or you do not like the changes you have made. This gives you the freedom to experiment with your design decisions, discard what does not work, and retain what does. It also has an AutoRecover feature that automatically pops up when you accidentally close a page or it closes for any other reason.

Check out ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Feature: History Window to learn more about History Window.

4. Avoid accidental edits

Accidental edits are not an ideal experience when designing a SharePoint page. It can make your page look messy and disconnected, especially if other designers have access to your page.

Through the Lock and Unlock feature, you can lock and unlock Sections, Rows, or Design Elements for editing. Once you lock a Section, Row, or Design Element you will not be able to view EasyPass labels and you won’t have access to customize them. This allows you to focus entirely on the edits you are doing without worrying about accidentally modifying content that you have already accomplished.

Find out how you can use Lock and Unlock by checking out ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Feature: Lock and Unlock.

5. Make your SharePoint page accessible to all

In today’s society, websites must be accessible to all. Intranets are no exception to this rule. You must be able to provide equal access to information and services for everyone, regardless of their abilities.

ShortPoint has partnered with UseWay, the world’s leading web accessibility solution, to create ShortPoint Accessibility. ShortPoint Accessibility offers an AI-powered solution that automatically remediates accessibility issues across all pages and sites without having to change a single code. It allows you to generate a detailed report of all fixes and provides guidance on further actions you need to take to make your intranet accessible for all. With it enabled, you are guaranteed full compliance with  WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility standards on your intranet.

Check out Introducing ShortPoint Accessibility to learn more about this feature.

With these 5 tips, you are bound to have an even better design experience with ShortPoint. Enjoy making the most out of these features as you create your page.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Dmitriy Voronov, Our Middle Automation Engineer

ShortPoint prides itself on providing customers with a seamless and functional user experience. This would not have been possible without the amazing work of our Automation Team. Meet Dmitriy Voronov, our Middle Automation Engineer, who is one of the core members of the Automation Team.

When you hear the role “Middle Automation Engineer”, you might imagine handling and dealing with technical and complicated scenarios every day. And while this is true, according to Dmitriy or more commonly known as Dima, the most important aspect of his role is actually to enjoy. He says, “I enjoy working with the framework created by the team. It never fails to amaze me how the codes implemented are concise, scalable, and easy to use. It makes me feel like I’m playing Lego, but for adults.”

Dima even emphasized the enjoyment he feels when he communicates with people from other teams. He says that it is both challenging and fun finding the right specialist to understand the nuances of ShortPoint. “I find it fun that I can directly communicate with ShortPoint specialists and, together, we can solve day-to-day challenges.”

Dima’s fun-loving outlook towards work even transcends to his personal life. As you may notice in his photos, Dima rocks a gorgeous long hairdo. And because of this, many guys often mistook him for a stunning woman from behind. He finds it absolutely hilarious when he sees their facial expression immediately change to that of disappointment when they are met with the harsh reality of life. He also enjoys playing poker (even if he always ends up losing money). Clearly, Dima is not a bluffer but he does find joy in everything he does!

See you in May

More exciting news is planned for May. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!

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