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SharePoint Webinar
April 2022

Dear ShortPoint Community,

With July celebrations winding down from all parts of the world, we also had a one-of-a-kind celebration of our own. Find out how to join in on the fun and more:

Yvette Tunguia
ShortPoint Content Unit Manager

What's New?

Experience the Live Mode Webinar On-Demand

We’ve recorded a new chapter of ShortPoint’s history as we launched ShortPoint with Live Mode on July 20th, 2022. We also had the highest number of participants ever in our webinars and we truly appreciate everyone’s presence and interest in learning about the most exciting new editing interface that is now available in our product.

If you want to revisit the webinar or if you missed it and want to experience it yourself, we’ve got you covered. We have made the On-Demand Webinar available for you. Simply register and join the room at any time. You get to enjoy 30 minutes of fun learning about the new features of ShortPoint with Live Mode and automatically get directed to download the first public release version at the end of the webinar.

A Fresh Space for Interaction: Feature Requests @ ShortPoint

Time to say thank you and goodbye to our old ShortPoint Community forum tab! From now on we give you a better and more fun place to interact with us and fellow ShortPoint Users. Go ahead and explore the all-new Feature Requests Site at requests.shortpoint.com.

Here are just a few reasons why our new Feature Requests website is great:

  • better, more user-friendly, and illustrative interface

  • ability to track your and others' feature requests and upvote them

  • Feature Requests are now grouped into boards for easier navigation

  • easily see what is planned, in progress, under review, and done.

The new Feature Requests website is a place for you to make your input into the future of ShortPoint. Join, vote and submit your ideas at requests.shortpoint.com. Learn how in the Tech Tip below!

Support Tip

What You Need to Know About Our New Feature Requests Site

We now have an all improved, best-in-class platform where you can request and upvote features that you would like to be available in ShortPoint. Expressing your intranet designing needs and getting updates on the status of your feature requests has become easier with the new Feature Requests Site.

We will provide you with the key information you need to fully take advantage of our Feature Requests website in this month’s Support Tip.

You will be greeted by a well-organized listing of submitted feature requests once you open the site. If you submitted requests through the old community forum, through a ticket you submitted, or expressed your ideas in one of the support meetings, most likely your request is already listed.

Upvote Relevant Feature Requests

In the new site, we have a polling system that allows you to give an Upvote point to a feature request that is most relevant to what you hope to have implemented in ShortPoint. We regularly evaluate the submissions on the site. Top-upvoted posts get the most attention and will be prioritized when reviewed for development.

Post New Feature Requests

If your feature request is unique, you can create a new feature request post. Your submission will be reviewed and once approved, it will be visible on the website. You will get immediate notifications on the progress of your request which effectively keeps you updated on how soon the feature will be available.

Do you have an idea that you have always wanted to share with us? Go now and post it on our new Feature Requests site. You will be surprised how helpful it will be for other users too.

Comment and Subscribe to Interact

Sharing your thoughts about the feature requested and providing use cases that will help in its development is easy with the dedicated comment section. You can also subscribe to a specific feature request to get email notification on changes in its status, new comments received, and other activities as it progresses.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Claudio, Our Sales Consultant

ShortPoint Professional Services is the brainchild of Claudio Stoduto, our Sales Consultant. He manages the department and as its main Architect, helps clients kickstart their intranet projects and deliver results in a short period of time. Let us get to know him a little more as the focus of this month’s feature.

“It’s like a game of chess”, Claudio answered when asked to describe his work at ShortPoint. He finds listening to what every client requires and looks for in an intranet interesting. And building towards the client’s design always comes with a variety of challenges which makes the experience fun and different every time. He particularly enjoys the company’s remote culture and teamwork. He thinks it is amazing and simply just works.

Claudio’s favorite time of the day is in the evening. He retreats after a long day at work, enjoys a solo cigar with a glass of scotch or bourbon, and consumes content that he fancies at that moment. Or finds himself drawn to continue working.

He is an explorer who has lived in three different countries, Italy, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom respectively. He met his wife, Polina, in between locations and then decided to settle in Sofia, Bulgaria. They took a road trip back to Bulgaria from the UK when they relocated and effectively crossed the entire European continent in the process. They went through France to visit his brother, through Italy to say hi to his parents, and through Greece covering a distance of around 2300 miles. That is a long yet incredibly fun and rewarding journey to take.

See you in August

More exciting news is planned for August. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!

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