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Dear ShortPoint Community,

We do not do tricks but we do like to treat you with news and useful resources this October Snapshot:

Yvette Tunguia
ShortPoint Content Unit Manager

What's New?

ShortPoint Polar:
A Seamless Installation Experience

We’ve made installing the ShortPoint SPFx application on your SharePoint Microsoft 365 or SharePoint 2019 tenancy a breeze with the introduction of ShortPoint Polar. It takes out the lengthy and manual process of installing and activating ShortPoint on any tenancy or site collection. It provides you accessible resources that may be needed every step of the way. More importantly, it gets you started in designing a stunning intranet within 2-3 minutes.

This is just a first step of many improvements we have planned to make your overall product experience better than ever. ShortPoint Polar, in its initial iteration, tackles your installation experience. You no longer need to go through a series of manual steps to install ShortPoint for the first time. No more navigating through and meddling with Microsoft Admin pages. You also no longer need to read through and try to decipher tedious support articles just to get started. ShortPoint Polar will do everything for you in the back-end. Finally, you will no longer get lost along the way. It walks you through each step and provides you options depending on your situation without having to leave the page.

You will find the option to launch ShortPoint Polar when you request for a trial or select to download a package for Microsoft 365 or SharePoint 2019. You can try this experience the next time you need to install ShortPoint. If you prefer to go the manual route, we have also beefed up our resources both online and offline so you have easy reference as you go through installation. And of course, our Customer Support Experts are always ready to help you at any time. With these options, we hope that you will get to the most critical part of building an engaging and meaningful intranet site for your organization and experiencing the magic of ShortPoint as quick and easy as possible.

Video Tutorial: Quick Guide on How to Install ShortPoint for SharePoint 2019

If you have a SharePoint 2019 tenancy and plan to install ShortPoint on it, we’ve got you covered with a short and easy to follow video tutorial. In just four steps, you can install the product and dive into a unique and intuitive intranet design experience.

In this tutorial, we show you where to begin when installing ShortPoint for 2019 and provide the key steps up until successfully activating the product. It also highlights the critical parts to remember in the whole process so you do not encounter any issues along the way.

Access the tutorial now. You can also check out the updated SharePoint 2019 installation support articles if you need more detailed information.

Tech Tip: You Can Do These in EasyPass Active Mode

ShortPoint with Live Mode comes with a cool new feature that allows you to focus design work on one Design Element and provides you access to a multitude of other features that come with the product. We are talking about the EasyPass feature and in this feature we will list what you can do when you enter its Active Mode.

In its regular state, EasyPass gives you an instant view of what ShortPoint Design Elements are present as you navigate your page in Live Mode. It highlights each Design Element and shows a label indicating its name.

However, most of the fun begins when you press a label and enter EasyPass Active Mode. You will know that you are in this state when you see the label expand to show action buttons and the highlight focuses on only one Design Element.

Here are the features that become available to you when you enter Active Mode:

  • Access Action Buttons - as soon as you press a specific Design Element’s EasyPass label, you will gain access to the settings, layouts (for Section and Row only), delete, and other actions buttons. These buttons essentially provide you everything you need in editing and customizing any Design Element.

  • Apply Hot Actions - in specific Design Elements, you can hover over the EasyPass outlines to show margins and paddings. This is the Hot Actions feature where you can simply click and drag to resize these margins and paddings whenever you want.

  • Use Inline Text Ediring - with a Design Element that contains text, a double-click while in Active Mode will allow you to edit its text content, modify text formatting, and apply Inline Design Elements.

  • Show Nested Design Elements - in EasyPass Active Mode, you will find it easy to determine what influences a Design Element’s settings when it is nested within other elements. You will find a stack of labels above indicating the relationship between Design Elements. You can easily jump from one label to another from here which becomes especially useful when troubleshooting that nasty setting that destroys your design.

It is probably useful to note that exiting EasyPass Active Mode is as easy as clicking outside of the current selected Design Element. How cool is that?

There is still much to learn and discover about the new features available in ShortPoint with Live Mode. We will continue to highlight them in our monthly Snapshot journey.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Ifeoluwa, Our Senior UI/UX Designer

To improve user experience, form and function must work seamlessly together. The quest to communicate effectively and resonate closely with our customer’s needs through design is a challenge our Senior UI/UX Designer, Ifeoluwa Oduse, takes on every day at ShortPoint. Read on as we introduce you to another exceptionally creative teammate from Lagos, Nigeria.

Ifehan, as we fondly call him, is one of the movers in ShortPoint’s Design Team. He works with his colleagues to create and craft the design direction, visual language, and user experiences across the company’s brand, website, and product. He operates on a desire to put out the best outcome possible even if it means designing, redesigning, and obsessing over details. This may be a challenging exercise, however, it brings him a deep sense of satisfaction to produce work that customers truly appreciate and value. This makes all the work worthwhile.

Individual creative freedom combined with whole-hearted collaboration that goes into everything the team does make working at ShortPoint enjoyable for Ifehan. As a designer, being involved in the entire development process, end to end, excites him. He is able to contribute to problem-solving, offer solutions, and suggest improvements that have a great impact on the bottom line and the company as a whole. In an environment where everyone does brilliant work, support is freely given at any time, and a team that feels like family despite being in different locations, Ifehan finds himself constantly kept on his toes and fully inspired to consistently strive for success. He believes that anyone can be successful at ShortPoint because of this.

Ifehan is an insatiable learner. Outside of work, he spends his time reading content on topics such as Languages, Science, Sci-Fi, religion, history, and more. He also looks forward to sitting and chatting with his family and loved ones. He loves football as a video game, FIFA, and as a live sport, he is a proud Culer who is always looking forward to the next FC Barcelona win. He plans to travel around the world as a “digital nomad” in the near future.  He wants to immerse himself in diverse cultures, languages, and people and see as much of the world as possible. But for now, he lives this wish through the adventures of travel vloggers on YouTube.

Do you know someone who can drift away and get actively engrossed in vivid scenarios painted in their heads? Well, we do. Ifehan can daydream no matter where he is. And one last nugget of fact about him, he believes in the existence of other life forms that live beyond earth. “With the massiveness of the universe, surely there are more living beings out there, right?” he says.

See you in November

More exciting news is planned for November. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!

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