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SharePoint Webinar
April 2022

Dear ShortPoint Community,

We have reached mid-year of 2022. We are keeping the momentum as high as ever with the launch of Live Mode, GPTW Best WorkplacesTM ranking, project dashboard tips, and more in this month’s Snapshot.

Yvette Tunguia
ShortPoint Content Unit Manager

What's New?

It’s a Celebration! Live Mode Launch Party

On July 20th, 2022 we are broadcasting the most-awaited and game changing release in ShortPoint History to the public. We are launching “Live Mode”, the breakthrough intranet design interface that allows for simplistic integrations, adjustments and designs that can be implemented by anyone in real-time, while they see it.

During the event, we will be showcasing the capabilities and features of the new interface together with the many updates we implemented in the product. Our brilliant development team, headed by Anas Nakawa, CTO and Co-Founder of ShortPoint and our Product Managers, Adedolapo Oguntayo and Mohamad Yahia, will be joining us to demonstrate what Live Mode has to offer and answer any questions you may have.

We invite you to Register and be part of this momentous event. We will be delighted to have you celebrate with us.

ShortPoint Ranks #4 In GPTW Best Workplaces for Technology

Shortly after becoming Great Place to WorkR (GPTW) certified, we are greatly honored to be recognized as one of the Best WorkplacesTM for Technology in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC). This is a testament to the truly diverse, collaborative, and caring culture we have at ShortPoint. It is true that teamwork does make the dream work.

ShortPoint ranks 4th among the 15 technology companies in the GCC that exemplified employee trust, effective leadership, diversity and inclusion, and a positive employee experience, all of which maximizes human potential. This has motivated us to continue what we are doing really well and grow where there is room for improvement.

With an inspired and fully engaged team at ShortPoint, you can bet that we are able to extend the best experience to you, our customers.

June Tech Tip

Create Project Dashboards That Matter

Keeping stakeholders informed about the progress of your projects is a key component of its success. Decisions can be made faster, necessary actions can be taken immediately, target milestones can be achieved consistently if everyone is involved in and aware of what is happening and what is required to complete the project. Most organizations employ Project Dashboards for this purpose and with ShortPoint, you can create one quickly and easily.

Project Dashboards may vary in content depending on the nature and goal of the project. You can choose from the over 60 ShortPoint Design Elements available to build one that matters and adds value to the progress of your project. Here are a few Project Dashboard essentials that will definitely help in project management and the Design Elements we recommend you use to display them.

  • Deadline/s - When your project has specific deadlines that you want the project team to keep an eye on, you will want it displayed prominently on your dashboard and the Countdown Design Element is best for this purpose
  • Metrics and Status - Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and key tasks progress must be monitored regularly and you can add a visual representation of each item by using the Counter Boxes Design Element. It can be dynamically. connected to a SharePoint list.
  • Milestones and Tasks Lists - List tasks, monitor accountability, track project milestones, and celebrate their completion with your project team to keep the pace and momentum. An Accordion or Simple List can be used to display this.
  • News, Announcements, and more - Catch attention every time a key decision, an important change, or significant news that may impact your project using Ticker or Info Design Elements.
  • Calendars - Highlight important dates, events and timelines for the project team as they go about completing their tasks. The Events Design Element can be connected to a shared calendar that anyone can update at any time.
  • Team Information - Have a ready directory of project team members for easy collaboration and communication. Add an Image List Design Element complete with team member profiles and information.
  • Documentation - Make critical documents and files readily accessible to all project team members and stakeholders by setting up a File List Design Element.
  • Control Graphs and Charts - - Present real-time data, graphs, and charts that you have in your PowerBI Dashboard and make it available to view on your SharePoint page with the PowerBI Design Element

There is no limit to your creativity in putting together the best Project Dashboard that represents the hard work that you and your team is doing towards achieving completion and goals. Let ShortPoint assist you to produce the best design all the way.

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Adedolapo, Our Product Manager

Releasing innovative iterations of a product is always an exhilarating moment for any company. More so for the brilliant team who makes it happen. In the midst of all the excitement for the ShortPoint Page Builder with Live Mode major release is our Product Manager, Adedolapo “Dola” Oguntayo, the woman who oversaw and managed the entire product development cycle for the release and whom we will get to know more in this feature article.

Dola has extensive experience in strategic planning, requirements elicitation, and product development. She also drives the adoption of SCRUM agile methodology for the development team at ShortPoint and manages company-wide goals. She wears a lot of hats but she sees every task as not just a “task”. It is an opportunity to harness strategic prowess which she finds challenging and it is an ongoing occasion to collaborate with an amazing cross-functional team which she considers the fun part of working at ShortPoint. She feels that though most of her colleagues are continents apart, she is able to know them personally and do things as a family. Conversations around her can go from talking about a colleague’s child’s birthday to talking about what needs to be done to develop the best intranet page builder in the world. Here she can always put her best foot forward and be her genuine authentic self. There is no barrier to asking a question when she does not understand things, asking for help if she requires it, and providing her best in everything she does. She is able to succeed at what she sets out to do in this way.

Dola works out of Istanbul, Turkey where she lives with her husband, Alfred. In her free time, she loves reading inspirational books and baking. She also enjoys visiting nearby cities and trying new cuisine. Dola loves to travel and offers people an opportunity to join her in the experience. She organizes travel tours and events to any place in the world. She intends to visit at least 50 countries around the world and she has now been to six.

Dola is passionate about helping others face any challenge they encounter. She has a website where she coaches professionals who want to transition into a career in technology. She is also open to hearing about people’s struggles in the workplace. She has just begun creating content for YouTube and we can definitely look forward to getting valuable pieces of advice from this powerhouse.

See you in July

More exciting news is planned for July. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!

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