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SharePoint Webinar
April 2022

Dear ShortPoint Community,

We hope you had a productive first quarter. New updates and an intranet content tip are ready for you this month:

All the best!

Yvette Tunguia
ShortPoint Content Unit Manager

What's New?

Access to Recent Webinar Available On-Demand

We have recently concluded the Top 5 Tools For Microsoft Products webinar that was held in cooperation with Blumira, the leading cybersecurity provider of automated threat detection and response technology. For those who missed it, the whole webinar is available via the On-Demand experience. Click Join Webinar now and you will be receiving the same experience as those who attended the live event.

In the webinar, we focused on the best solutions that help organizations in addressing their needs in security, data migration, SharePoint development, accessibility, and patch management. It was a healthy discussion on what these solutions had to offer and how they add value to the Microsoft suite of applications.

Tech Tip: 5 Essential Types of Content your Intranet Should Have

A valuable intranet page should have quality content to help employees effectively perform their daily tasks. In addition, the content you add to your page should be aligned with the organization’s overall objectives. 

We’ve listed below 5 types of content that you can add to your Intranet to help drive efficiency, improve employee interaction, and most importantly, achieve your company's goals. 

  1. Company Documents

    Having a single source or location to access important company files, policies, and forms is important to drive efficiency. It will reduce the time your employees will spend on locating the right document, allowing them to focus on other relevant tasks. It will also guarantee that they will always have the latest version of the document, removing the risk of viewing and using outdated files.

    In ShortPoint, you will be able to achieve this by using the File List Design Element. The File List Design Element allows you to create a powerful knowledge center with all the information and tools that your users need to be productive and efficient. It empowers users with immediate access to key files and folders. You can even connect it to dynamic content using ShortPoint Connect.
  2. Products and Services

    Your employees, especially those who deal with clients, must be experts in the products and/or services you offer. One way to ensure that they are knowledgeable about this is to add a product or services section on your intranet. This is even more crucial for your sales team and customer support. They will be able to interact with clients better if they know every aspect of your products and services.

    You can create a Product and Services section using the Icons List Design Element. This Design Element allows you to make a list of items and customize the icon that goes along with each item. Like the File List Design Element, you can connect the Icons Design Element to dynamic content.
  3. Employee Spotlight

    Boost employee morale by creating an employee spotlight on your intranet. It keeps your team members motivated as their accomplishments and contributions are recognized. This type of content can encourage other employees to strive better and put in more quality work.

    One way to accomplish an employee spotlight in ShortPoint is through the Image List Design Element. This Design Element allows you to incorporate image thumbnails into a list. You can even add descriptions and subtitles, allowing you to add more details about each employee's accomplishments.
  4. Quicklinks

    Including Quicklinks to your intranet helps improve user experience, allowing your employees to quickly navigate to frequently visited websites, pages, or resources. You can also use it to highlight events and important information so users can easily spot it.

    You can create your Quicklinks using the Tiles Design Element. The Tiles Design Element allows you to organize links, images, or content into individual blocks that bring together functionality and style to your page.
  5. Timely Updates

    It is important to keep your employees up to date with the latest events and content. Doing so will not only keep your employees informed but also keep them engaged with the latest happenings in your company. In turn, this will make them feel valued and included.

    You can keep employees updated using the Ticker Design Element. This Design Element allows you to display content highlights and link each content to a separate page. You can also use ShortPoint Connect to display dynamic content in your Ticker.

With these 5 types of content, you are now ready to build an intranet that drives efficiency and employee engagement. 

The Faces of ShortPoint

Meet Rose Camins, Our Customer Support Assistant

Building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers is a difficult feat. Every day comes with new challenges, but because we know that we have a reliable and enthusiastic Customer Support Assistant to guide us every step of the way, we are confident that we can always provide excellent customer service for you. Let’s put the spotlight on Rose Camins, our ever-dependable Customer Support Assistant.

Rose’s main focus at ShortPoint is to assist the whole Support team whether it is helping the team with support tickets or maintaining our Knowledge Base, she is always ready to lend a hand. But what she loves the most about her role is the flexibility it offers. “There is never a dull day here at ShortPoint,” she says, “Every day there is something new waiting for me.  It gives me the opportunity to explore and showcase my flexibility in handling a variety of deliverables.”

More than the excitement her role provides, Rose loves being part of the ShortPoint family, a family that truly cares about each employee’s well-being. She emphasized that “the team celebrates each other’s achievement, big or small. I feel seen and it gives me even more motivation to strive for success.”

Outside of work, Rose likes traveling and spending quality time with her loved ones. One of her most memorable travel experiences was when she got to swim with 8 Butanding Whales in Santander, Cebu, Philippines. Seeing the whales up close was such a majestic adventure for her. “They were bigger than buses,” she exclaimed, “Truly a core memory!”

See you in April

More exciting news is planned for April. Stay tuned! And if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us a note. We love to hear from you.

See you next month, ShortPoint hero!

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