• Image Titles for SharePoint, Office 365
    and SAP Portal

    Add Image Titles Element to your SharePoint sites and pages. Use this ShortPoint if you want to add some tiltle and description to the image with nice animation when you hover it.


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Image Titles – Normal Usage

Image Titles – Different Styles and Animation

Style = revolving door top ( last slide style = cover push right )

Image Titles – Spacing = 2x

Image Titles – Spacing = 3x

Image Titles – Spacing = 0

Image Titles – Size Control

Width = 800px

Image Titles – Wide Shape

Image Titles – Tall Shape

Image Titles – Text Color Control

Color light gray/ text color black ( last slide color blue / text color white )

Image Titles – Linking Options

Linking lightbox ( last slide linking new window )

Image Titles – Alignment Control

Alignment = center ( last slide alignment = right )

Image Titles Features

  • , Image Titles, ShortPoint
  • Add Image Titles

    Just add a title, description and provide the link of the image. That’s It!

  • More Image Titles Examples

    And that’s not all! Check more awesome Image Titles examples on our demo site right now!


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