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  • Dynamic News Connections Webinar Recap

    We recently hosted a webinar to introduce the freshly released News Connections. On top of that, two new exciting features were introduced, Use Cases and Placeholders. It was great to interact with a wonderful audience, demonstrate how the News Connections can be applied on a SharePoint page, and answer questions. We covered some important points […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – May 2021

    Dear ShortPoint Community, This month, we are focusing on branding! Theme Builder has received some solid attention from our tech content writing team, so you have all the tools to create a consistent, modern theme for your intranet quickly and easily. We have also added some other cool tutorials to our website, make sure to […]

  • Join Us! ShortPoint Webinar: Dynamic News Connections Release

    ShortPoint Webinar: Dynamic News Connections Release June 01, 2021 | 11 AM ET 3PM GMT Tuesday Speakers   A Great Way to Bring In News From Across the Organization We are excited to get you up to date on the new features that will be added to the upcoming ShortPoint update. In this webinar, we […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – April 2021

    Dear ShortPoint Community, We sincerely hope you had a wonderful time in April. This month we have a bunch of new great written tutorials for you. Our authors have created them with a thought to bring in a bit more tech sophistication to your Intranets. Also, enjoy the installation video makeover for Office 365. Installing […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – March 2021

    Dear ShortPoint Community, I’m happy to meet you this first month of spring with a fresh edition of ShortPoint Snapshot. This month, we deliver handy tech tips related to responsiveness, presenting news and connecting via use cases (some very new magic recently released by our engineers). Also, if you haven’t yet, take a look at […]

  • The Visual Builder Webinar Recap

    We hope you liked the Visual Builder Webinar. In case you want to re-watch, or you couldn’t attend it, we have prepared the video recording for you as well as some Q&A’s you might find useful. Enjoy and stay tuned for the new webinars! 😊   Video Recording   Q&As on Visual Builder Q: If I am an existing […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – February 2021

    Dear ShortPoint Community,  We hope you have enjoyed the last month of winter and you’re fully ready to dive into what spring has to offer. In March, we offer you to get started with learning Visual Builder by attending our webinar. Also, please welcome the transformed ThemeBuilder articles: we renewed and rewritten everything to reflect […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – January 2021

    Dear ShortPoint Community,  Happy to meet you in the new year of 2021! I really hope you had warm celebrations and a lifted mood throughout the whole holiday season. In this newsletter, check out what surprises ShortPoint has prepared for its family members and supporters. Check a couple of new tutorials on the upcoming Visual […]

  • Visual Builder AutoRecover: Retrieve Unsaved Changes Straight Away

    Have you felt that panic when you realize that the SharePoint intranet page disappears abruptly in the middle of editing it? Accidentally closing the page, SharePoint ends the session due to inactivity, the power went out, your device crashes or many other instances can get you frustrated and helpless because you need to redo everything. […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – December 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community,  In December, excited to take a little winter holiday break, we look at what the year of 2020 brought to us. From my perspective, the most descriptive would be the word “change”. We changed the way we work and changed the way we learn. We changed the way we spend our leisure time, […]

  • screenshot of visual builder

    Be a Visionary with ShortPoint Visual Builder

    Sharing data and information with all employees in an organization or a select group of individuals making up a team through a dedicated SharePoint intranet site is undeniably crucial to the success of the modern workplace. Presenting content that inspires success in communication, collaboration, and achievement of milestones towards the company’s goals requires creativity and […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – November 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community,  We hope you had a cosy and productive autumn. It’s less than one month left until the winter holidays, and very soon we will be celebrating the beginning of New Year with our families and loved ones. Until then, we offer you to enjoy some of the best things we prepared for […]

  • Visual Builder Floating Page Settings Bar: Rapid Navigation for Priority Features and Functionality

    Whether designing with the visual interface or creating in the wireframe experience, we are making your interaction with our design tools seamless and effortless through the ShortPoint Visual Builder Floating Page Settings Bar. It allows you to efficiently navigate to the most used features and functionalities when building and editing your ShortPoint intranet pages. It […]

  • Visual Builder Wireframe: Simply Exciting Your Vision

    The ShortPoint wireframe you are used to is getting a makeover. Yes, we have not forgotten about the trusty wireframe design tool our existing users are familiar with and have learned to love. We are introducing some cosmetic and practical improvements to our user interface that will complement the new features of ShortPoint Visual Builder […]

  • Visual Builder Lock and Unlock: Smartly Secure Layouts And Designs On the Page

    With ShortPoint having so many design elements to use for your SharePoint intranet site page and customizing them is so easy, you might want to lock pockets of your work once they are completed. ShortPoint Visual Builder gives you the functionality to lock a group of design elements within a section down to just one […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – October 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community,  It’s that time again to check in with our favorite people, and we hope you had a wonderful October. As promised, this month ShortPoint is bringing you a new and exciting innovation: the Silent Upgrade feature. We know that the benefits from the Silent Upgrade will take a load off from your […]

  • Visual Builder Design History: View and Restore Design Edits in an Instant

    Every step in editing your SharePoint intranet page is important. Taking a design element and customizing it to find the best way to present the content you wish to highlight involves several edits. You may need to modify different aspects of your layout and design elements many times, taking care to choose the perfect mix. […]

  • Visual Builder Hot Actions: Resizing Design Elements On The Fly

    Let your vision be your guide to designing the perfect SharePoint site. Achieve the optimum layout that serves the central purpose of your content. ShortPoint Visual Builder brings you advanced features and controls that make designing intranet sites simple and enjoyable. Current Page Builder Resizing Setback ShortPoint has a powerful Page Builder offering design elements […]