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  • Sales Development Representative – USA

    Entry Level Sales Development Representative ShortPoint enterprise software company in San Francisco, with offices in Dubai, Jordan, and Ukraine. ShortPoint is a software to build modern Intranet websites with no coding on Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and SAP Portal. This year, hundreds of mid to large enterprises from all over the world used ShortPoint to […]

  • ShortPoint 5.3

    ShortPoint 5.3 Release Notes

    Another great release from the ShortPoint team, and this time we have amazing features: In-Site upgrade for SharePoint Online and Office 365: You will be able to upgrade ShortPoint now from your site and without downloading the new version from ShortPoint website. Floating SharePoint Header: Now you can make your SharePoint site header fixed location […]

  • ShortPoint 5.2.2 Release Notes

    First of all, we have new names for our most important features: ShortPoint Inserter is now ShortPoint Page Builder. And ShortPoint branding is now ShortPoint Theme Builder. ShortPoints now we call theme elements. New Feature: Move rows up and down in section. Add new rows between rows Finally you can move rows up and down. […]

  • Digital Content & Inbound Marketing Hero

    About us Do you know Divi, Thrive Content Builder, Visual Composer, Dream Theme and other page builder plugins and themes for WordPress? Of course, you know :) Well ShortPoint is the world’s first page and theme builder for every platform, not just WordPress. Currently, it is used by Microsoft and SAP customers to build stunning […]

  • ShortPoint Release Notes

    We are very excited about this update. Custom fonts, Visibility feature, dramatic performance improvements, we killed those annoying empty spaces, the page will not scroll to top while you are designing and tons other fixes and improvements. We also received tons of feedback from our awesome community on ShortPoint 5.0 that we released in Feb. […]


    Stage 1 The invention of the World Wide Web The fact that I can publish this article and you can read it is primarily thanks to one man, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He is a British computer scientist and the creator of the World Wide Web, in 1989. Back then he used to work as an […]


    Versatility is the new black in the field of web design In our previous article, we used a general approach in discussing the importance of using a web design solution for the intranet that both follows trends and sets new ones. So let’s focus on particular situations today and talk about how important it is […]


    From its beginnings as green text on a dark screen, to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, web design has evolved at a fast pace, continuously adapting to the needs of users. Today we are talking about the uprise of mobile and responsive design, as well the power of the visual. The idea is that the information […]


    ShortPoint for SAP is now available at As we have recently announced, ShortPoint is now available for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Services, developed by the market leader in enterprise application software SAP. You can now try and buy ShortPoint directly from This is huge news for us, as it represents another […]

  • THE END OF PRODUCTIVITY (as we want to know it)


    Productivity for the sake of productivity? As the size and manpower factors are starting to blur the gap between startups and major players in each market, more and more companies understand that internal collaboration is not only a source of productivity (and, implicitly, stability) but also a trigger for innovation (and, implicitly, market share potential). […]

  • ShortPoint at Startup Istanbul

    This September: ShortPoint Manifest in Istanbul

    ShortPoint has been selected to be among the top 100 Entrepreneurs and Startup companies in Eurasia region to show up and impress it’s technology and professional team at Startup Istanbul event. During the whole event, ShortPoint will attend a two days of entrepreneurship training at Microsoft Turkey and to explore ShortPoint framework and related products […]