• Visual Builder Hot Actions: Resizing Design Elements On The Fly

    Let your vision be your guide to designing the perfect SharePoint site. Achieve the optimum layout that serves the central purpose of your content. ShortPoint Visual Builder brings you advanced features and controls that make designing intranet sites simple and enjoyable. Current Page Builder Resizing Setback ShortPoint has a powerful Page Builder offering design elements […]

  • Visual Builder EasyPass: Revamp Your Design Experience

    We are taking the SharePoint Intranet design experience to the next level with ShortPoint Visual Builder. Style attractive and functional SharePoint pages with an easy-to-use visual interface, a real-time view of the page as it is designed, and effortless access to design options and elements. The Usual Problem with Visual Builders If you have experience […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – September 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community, In the first month of autumn we have two big announcements for you. Both speak for themselves: Lockdown Release and ShortPoint for Teams. ShortPoint SPFx Lockdown release will bring you better performance, faster connections, and a more user-friendly and minimalist approach to the color palette. With version you can expect a […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – July 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community, This sweet month of July, we continue to work on product improvements while we hope you enjoy the upgraded ShortPoint SPFx version containing many requested improvements and bug fixes. Our newly created small, but prolific content writing team has prepared many great support solutions for you. We dedicated this to RSS […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – May 2020

    Dear ShortPoint Community, I am delighted to present ShortPoint’s top news, solutions and videos with you this blooming month of May. First, I want to share the expansion of our Page Builder Design Element collection with three new elements (Code, Text and Image.) Based on your requests, we made an improvement to one element (Tickers.) […]

  • ShortPoint SPFx 6.9 Release

    Dear ShortPoint community, I hope this letter finds you well, and you receive it in good health and high spirits. In April, we decided to slow down a bit on new features and look back at the product to focus more on the quality and usability. This month we are rolling out ShortPoint SPFx version […]

  • ShortPoint Snapshot – March 2020

    Hello! My name is Oksana. I am happy to be a part of the ShortPoint Support team for over two years now. It is likely that we have met each other before on support calls and in forum replies. Today, I am beyond grateful to connect with you using this newsletter to present important ShortPoint […]

  • Remote Work Best Practices

    Remote Work Best Practices

    ShortPoint is a 100% worldwide remote company that encourages freedom. We believe in an environment of growth where employees have access to incredible opportunities, regardless of where they live. ShortPoint is an intranet design software used by thousands of companies worldwide. In 2015, Sami AlSayyed founded ShortPoint in Dubai. In 2019 alone, more than 100k […]

  • Copy Paste Feature Tutorial

    Looking for some SharePoint site examples to get inspiration from? Want to Copy and Paste your favorite designs for your own intranet? Here’s the first exercise you can do to get started with ShortPoint: Step 1: Visit ShortPoint Demos Website Open The site contains many examples we created using ShortPoint. Spend some time navigating […]

  • ShortPoint 6.2 Release Notes

    The wait is over! We are happy to announce that now you can use ShortPoint Theme Builder for branding awesome sites on Modern SharePoint. Unleash the true power of Modern SharePoint with ShortPoint 6! Change Fonts Changing fonts is now easier than ever on Modern Sites and Pages. Choose from 800+ most popular web fonts. Color […]


    Versatility is the new black in the field of web design In our previous article, we used a general approach in discussing the importance of using a web design solution for the intranet that both follows trends and sets new ones. So let’s focus on particular situations today and talk about how important it is […]


    From its beginnings as green text on a dark screen, to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, web design has evolved at a fast pace, continuously adapting to the needs of users. Today we are talking about the uprise of mobile and responsive design, as well the power of the visual. The idea is that the information […]